Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fairview Trramline X-C Ski YES! I believe so!

My hopes for today were to X-C Ski right out my back door in Banff but conditions to do so were not conducive for an enjoyable experience.  They said it snowed again last night in Lake Louise, I knew then that would make those trails ideal. The sunrise was beautiful on the drive there, the mountains were looking majestic plus magnificent and to my surprise the lot was pretty well empty.  What is not to like about this day so far!
                                                the Fairview Trail begins here
It was a cold start, but I was bundled up for it.  This was my first time on this trail, a portion is rated blue, so I was not sure what to expect.  I could walk down hills if need be. There were gradual uphill sections which warmed me up so I had to unbundle.  Feeling settled in and welcome, I skied under the tall tree arch into a land of beauty with.....
                                   .....heavily snow covered trees and meadows......
                                                   .....mountain scenery.....
                                                    .....and golden moments.
If you have been a loyal follower of mine, you will know I have been working at finding a love for this sport.  I knew there was potential and that it would take time.  It seems like all the little puzzle pieces are fitting together more and more as I clip into my X-C skis more often.  Today I enjoyed all the twists and turns and the scenery too.
     I liked the flat straight sections where I could kick and glide, and I liked the scenery too.
I enjoyed all the down hills even the ones with turns in them and I enjoyed the scenery also.
                                      Seeing forever takes on a whole new meaning.
Not many folks on the trails this morning.  I am not sure why.  One fellow who did pass me was willing to snap my destination shot and then he was gone, quickly.  I lingered a little as I was nearing the end.
                                             Am I finally loving this sport?
                                                      YES!  I believe so!

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