Friday, December 4, 2015

Winning the Great Divide lottery

As the business winds down, the fun ramps up and that means it's time to use up vacation days.  I loaded up my car with all my toys and there was only one direction to drive and that would be west. YES, go west my friend go west, there's gold in them there hills!  You will become rich!  I hit the jackpot  and feel overwhelmed with wealth.  

I felt like the richest lady on this planet the second I hopped into the Great Divide skier set track.  There  had obviously been a significant dump of snow overnight at Lake Louise.  I felt like I was presented with an amazing creation and it was right there, right before my eyes and at my X-C Ski tips. I usually don't care for skier set tracks but who ever you are, yet set them down perfectly.
I did not see who set the tracks, in fact, I saw only 7 skiers and two groomers and I like it like that.  The snow, the tracks and my skis were fast. I guess that means I would have to have been fast and I like it like that.  The scenery was outstanding and I like it like that.                          
As a X-C Skier, I don't know how to technically describe the snow.  I can say in my words that it was fluffy and soft.  I only have a bit of glide paste on my waxless tips and tales.  I glided far and fast.  I tried to pay more attention to the skiing and just enjoy the scenery instead of a snap here and a snap there and a snap here and a....
                                                      along the great Great Divide Trail
                                                              snow laden branches
Ninety minutes after I hopped into the track at the track-head, I arrived at the border between Alberta and British Columbia.  There was not a soul in site not even a dog sled dog. They had come and gone.  I enjoyed the quick glide down the hill to the sign but not the slow climb back up.  
Shortly after arriving back up at the top of the hill, a groomess came along on her machine and she was working wonders.  Then game a groomer on his machine and he added the final touches.  He stopped, we chatted and then we both went about our business.  Well, mine was fun business.

I glided and glided and glided my way back to the track-head.  I was thrilled to have covered the roughly 15 kms in three hours and that included stopping for a few photos and to savour hot chocolate and a tuna sandwich.  I struck it rich today and I am now enjoying my winnings! 



  1. Oh, you most certainly did strike it rich - you found lots of white gold! I'm jealously drooling over your photos of soft fluffy powder.

  2. I'd like to make a windfall like that. Perfect timing for your break.


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