Saturday, June 30, 2012


I needed to be on Heart Mountain today if only for six hours! I appreciated the temporary escape.   I always have a hard time getting back into the swing of things when I return from vacation and this time is no different, in fact, it has become quite a struggle.   Being back means facing reality and I'm not ready to deal with what is before me.  I have made a mess of decision making the last few days but the last minute choice to scramble Heart Mountain was a wise one!  
Rays shining on our destination!
A day to keep my head down....
....and move forward!
Thinking of where I want to go....
....where I want to be....
...what I want to see...
...wanting new options...
...wanting to thrive...
...with wonderful color...
...time to look insde the heart...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (June 23-26)

I stayed in two different parts of Yellowstone in two different accommodation types.  The first two nights were in a rustic Frontier Cabin at Canyon Village and the next two nights in my HubbaHubba at Madison Campground.  The Rangers warned me it would be cooler in Yellowstone but that didn't happen.  The heat was relentless!

This Park is known for its geysers and hot pools.
They are colorful...
...and active...
There are hundreds of pools!
This area is a geoligists dream and a photographers too!
Then there is Old Faithful being faithful!
It was a spectacular sight against the clear blue sky.
Yes, of course, I saw bison!
...and Artist Point...
AKA The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
There is a mountain here with a lookout you say?
Of course I hiked up to it!
My summit shot on Mount Washburn.
With the heat and the sun, I was being drawn to water where it felt a degree or two cooler.  This is Yellowstone Lake. 
The Madison River ran by my campground in Madison.   It was a great place to just sit after dinner and before campfire time.  Fishing is a big sport in Yellowstone and speaking of big, the meadow is polluted with bison.  They enjoyed congregating here each evening too.
Another part of Yellowstone Lake was lined with flowers. 
I love it here!
I drove over every major road in the Park, to all four corners and every place in between. I saved the top east corner for the last as it was on my route back home.  I didn't spend much time in Mammoth but did see some major sights.  As I exited through the Roosevelt Arch, this symbolized my vacation was over and it was time to hit the road home.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (June 20-22)

The tent-cabin at Colter Bay Village in Grand Teton National Park is my all time favourite type of accommodation.  I would definately goes this route again if I ever return to the area. I bought a book on places to photograph, how to get there and best time of day to go.  I was excited to set out first thing the next morning.
Antelope Flats
road to Jenny Lake
I could not get enough of this view of the Tetons.
Mormon Row
Mormon Row
Along road to Red Hills
Chapel of the Transfiguration
View of The Tetons from back window of The Chapel of the Transfiguration.
View of The Tetons & Mount Moran from boat on Jackson Lake.
This is my sunrise shot at Oxbow Bend.  I got there at 5:25am so had to settle for this spot.  This reminded me of jocking for a spot to watch and photograph the Mesa Arch Sunrise in Canyonlands in May of 2011.  This time I had a bigger camera and it was even attached to a tripod but my equipment was still nothing near what the handful of others in the prime spots were sporting.
At Inspiration Point with Jenny Lake below me.
The Red Hills
My view while having an early coffee at Colter Bay Marina on my last morning.
I have so many amazing photos from this National Park.  I drove down every road possible and even ones where I had to turn back, looked in every barn, peaked in every window.  I was up with the birds in the morning and stayed up to see the Milky Way.  The heat trend from day one of my vacation was carrying on and it wasn't cooling down at night but I still went ahead and enjoyed sipping wine by the camp fire.  I could have spent more time in this Park but had other places to go and things to see.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teton Village, Wyoming (June 20)

It almost felt like being home in Teton Village with all the snow capped peaks.  I took the tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.  The Village itself was lushes green and hot but it was a different story on the top.
The view at the top was splendid!
I could see the Grand Teton off in the distance.
I knew I belonged here when I saw this sign!
Making Waves was On Top of the World!
The walls of the Cafe were lined with skis.
Braving that tram ride to the top is worthy of a summit shot!
Teton Village is sports oriented!
It is bear country!
A skiers paradise!
Being in Teton Village was a good introduction to being amongst mountains.   Seeing the views from the top hightened my anticipating of what was to come in Grand Teton National Park and I could hardly wait to get there.  I was sensing spectacular!