Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hogarth Lakes Loop January 29, 2005

Documenting Days Gone By
photos are scanned from prints
information & story is what I wrote in a journal

Hogarth Lakes Loop
 January 29, 2005 - Saturday
Me,  J Him

4.5 km loop
no elevation
10:00am - 12:00pm

We were supposed to do Chester Lake but I felt sick and did not think I could handle the elevation. We parked at Chester Lake but walked over to Hogarth Lakes.  It was slow going because I felt sick. I could hardly move, so it took up to two hours to snowshoe around the Lake.  I felt cold the whole time.  We got to the car around noon and ate there then J Him drove home.  I slept most of the way.  

Looking back:  Why did I even go in the first place?  Maybe I was trying to make an impression so he would like me more.  Was this a good impression?  NOT!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Chester Lake January 23, 2005

Documenting Days Gone By
photos are scanned from prints
information is from what I wrote in a journal

Chester Lake Snowshoe
 January 23, 2005 - Sunday
Me,  J him.

6.o km round trip
310 m elevation
10:30am - 2:30pm
Snowshoe trip up to Chester Lake.  It was warm starting out.  It was steep at parts.  The alpine meadow was beautiful.  We had lunch at the lake.  We saw an avalanche.  It started to mist and got cool.  The scenery was beautiful.  It seemed a little difficult coming down at times.  Felt very tired.

Looking back:  This was my first ever snowshoe out in the mountains.  You could make your way up and back to Chester Lake and maybe see less than a dozen other people. On this day I learned not to remove my snowshoes when sitting for lunch.  We removed ours when we sat down.  While eating we heard a rumble and a thunderous noise and then we saw an avalanche come down off the mountain right in front of us.  I had never heard nor seen one before and we did not know how far the snow would come.  We wanted out of there so when we stood up to move, we sunk to over our knees in snow and could go no where.  We panicked then noticed the snow stopped at the other side of Chester Lake.  Never again have I removed my snowshoes at lunch time.    

in the meadow
 the view along the way
 lunch at Chester Lake