Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nose Hill October 30, 2019

We met early for an 11km catch-up hike around Nose Hill Park under a beautiful sky yet with a strong biting wind.  We were bundled up and ready to brace against it.  Changes are taking place in The Park which was good to see.  This did mean my usual entrance trail is no longer accessible as is another one, but the two main distinct entrances remain.  New wood fences were being put in place as we speak and the bigger sign looked new to me.   
The sky looked inviting and to me it was saying "spread your wings and go higher & wider!"
We covered a variety of trail types and this kind is my favourite!
a picnic can be wonderful anytime if you embrace the beauty & the elements
(We found this little stone tucked away in a bush.)
the red will survive
a portion of the new fence as we arrived back at our trail head
the 11km route we covered today

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Victoria B.C. West Coast Wrap-Up October 2019

What a world of difference I arrived at after flying a mere 81 minutes west of Calgary.   For this escape to Victoria, British Columbia I was very fortunate to have received gorgeous weather.  I spent hours on end walking, sightseeing and breathing in the fresh ocean air.  

Everywhere I looked, there was something to love!
Every day started with a sunrise saunter and each one was as beautiful..... the next one!
Autumn on the west coast was like the autumns I remember as a child growing up on the east coast. 
From calm coves to wild waves, I was drawn to walk the waters edge.  
There were so many sights that I took the time to appreciate.
Every evening ended with a sunset stroll and each one was as beautiful..... the next one!
What a world of difference I felt after spending five days enthralled in the west coast lifestyle.  After all the walking & sightseeing & breathing in the fresh ocean air, it was time to leave my home away from home and head home to carry on with my mountain lifestyle.  How lucky I feel to have such different playgrounds to embrace almost right out my back door.

Everywhere I looked, there was something to love!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Victoria, B.C. October 25, 2019

My home away from home here on Dallas Road is an ideal location for beautiful scenery walks just out my door.  This time when I slid the door closed behind me, I left the car parked, walked right on by it and made a right hand turn aiming for downtown Victoria.  It's a bustling touristy city and I wanted to get caught up in it.

It was a happening place early.  Victoria had high winds today so Fisherman's Wharf was a rockin & a rollin!  Growing up on the east coast I developed very strong sea legs but being away from that for so long, I felt a little tipsy on The Wharf.  The thought crossed my mind that I would love to stay in the floating bed & breakfast but I would need a guarantee of calm weather.  The little permanent homes here were adorable.

I followed a part of the David Foster Walkway towards the Inner Harbour.  Boats, big & little, were coming and going to Washington, to Vancouver, to just across the harbour.

Government Street and side streets off it have such a personality.  The area is enjoyable to stroll along, to window shop, to people watch.  After doing lots of that and eating my lunch by the Harbour, I paid for my ticket, then hopped on the Hop On Hop Off bus with intentions of sitting back and enjoying the entire 90 minute trip.  Around the 20 minute time frame I realized I was dozing off as we were approaching Beacon Hill Park, so I hopped off there now with no intention to hop on again.  

All of Beacon Hill Park was a picture perfect autumn delight.  I strolled and strolled, got lost got found.  I covered a good portion it and felt fulfilled by the beauty I saw.  I found an exit where Cook Street Village was close by.  I shuffled through the leaves towards a coffee shop with an outside patio and sipped a pumpkin spice latte.  Then homeward bound I headed to drop gear and get back out there for two more hours walking towards Ogden Point and back to see another spectacular sunset sight.  Sweet it was!  This whole day was sweet!