Friday, December 11, 2015

back to Bill......

..... Milne Trail to X-C Ski!   Driving in dense fog is not a problem for me, afterall I am a true Bluenoser.  I just did not like the thought of skiing in it.  I escaped the city and drove into dense fog as I hit the main highway west.  I experienced that before and ended up driving out of it as I neared the turnoff for Highway 40, well the same happened today.  Thank you!  Thank you!  My timing was perfect for a fabulous view at Barrier Lake while taking
a banana break.
I was the first to arrive at the Ribbon Creek Parking Lot.  I checked the track first before clipping into my X-C Skis.  I could see the indents from the last grooming. There had been snow overnight and no one had been on Bill since.  It was a tad bit of work but I knew it would be much quicker on the return trip following back in my own tracks.
                                               two girls came skate skiing towards me
There was not much snow on the ground in the trees yet just enough on the track area.  On a blue bird sky day with a new covering of snow so white, made for such lovely scenery.  It was so peaceful too, and that is not my typical Friday.  
                                                                       I am not lost.
        As I said prior, there was not much snow off the track.  That's Mt Kidd behind me.
                 Spring-like with the colourful ground cover and a running Ribbon Creek.
                                                   Ribbon Creek & The Wedge
I defined the track for only one other soloist and that was all I saw other than the skate skiers.  I glided the last stretch back to my car which was the only vehicle in the lot.  It was a very quiet time in this area.  
                        I enjoyed my lunch at the table which had this Inukshuk close by.  
What a fine way to kick off a long weekend.  It did not take long to feel that escaping feeling where all cares and worries got left behind.  In fact, I believe that feeling occurred the second I drove into the fog.  Thank you for today!

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