Saturday, December 5, 2015

my Kind of Afternoon Delight

After enjoying lunch by my window with a view of the Lake Louise Ski Hill and then a nap, I was keen to get back out on my skis.  I wanted easy and close by so opted for the Bow River Loop.  I checked the groomers report and it stated that Loop would be looked after today.  As I arrived at the parking lot, the groomer was pulling in on his big machine.  He told me he just completed setting track on the Loop and was heading off to do the Campground Loop.  My timing was perfect.  I took off in a counter-clockwise direction and the views were immediate as you can see here.
This track is all about following the Bow River with numerous bridge crossings, and being mostly flat.  The conditions were perfect for fast, easy gliding.  What I did experience for the first time were short sharp turns which were not in my favour.  In those sections, I kept coming out of the track. I like long straight stretches like going over bridges.
                                               there were peeks at the Bow River....
.....then there were wide open vistas where the trail was as close to the River as could be.  This section captured a significant amount of my time, I admired and admired and admired it some more.
At one point on the other side after bridge crossings, twists and turns, I felt a bit disoriented and then saw the downhill ski slopes and knew I was heading in the right direction.   At that moment in time too, my friend and her friend were skiing towards me.  They confirmed I was where I thought I was.  We chatted for a bit then went our merry ways.                                         
                     I don't think this River ever fully freezes over and I like it like that.
Shortly after capturing this photo where there was finally lots of blue in the sky, the sun started to set. I was nearing the end anyway so there was no need to hurry.   I enjoyed the last views before arriving back at my vehicle.
I was pleasantly depleted for the second time today and ready for dinner then down time. 


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