Saturday, April 27, 2013

Page Day 8, April 27, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 8
Sunrise over Lake Powell
April 27, 2013

This was my last day in paradise, or I mean Page!  I woke, dressed then drove off down Lakeshore Drive to Wahweap Scenic Point to wait for the sunrise. It couldn't have been more perfect.  I wasn't sure what was happening when an arch started to form.  That was a first for me to see.  Then the sun came up!  The start of a brand new day.  I stayed a little while longer to watch the color cast over the land.  The greens were greener and the reds looked redder.  As I turned to go to the Soul, the moon was so close I could almost reach out and touch it.  It was setting and saying good-bye!  I sat on the bench, I felt a bit sad.  It was time to head home, back to reality.   This trip was more then I dreamed it could have been!  I left no sight unseen, I made the most of every moment. I feel fulfilled!   

Friday, April 26, 2013

Page Day 7 pm, April 26, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 7 pm
Lone Rock Beach / Glen Canyon Dam
April 26, 2013

I inquired about this location from different folks I met.  It sounded scenic, unique and fun.  Lone Rock Beach is a wilderness campground right on the water front facing Lone Rock.  The beach is massive as is the Lone Rock.  Warning signs are posted for road conditions (the road is anywhere on the beach). The gate attendant said I should be fine to drive my Soul to the water's edge if I followed tracks in the darker sand areas.  I wasn't game to give it a try.  I did some research before hand and read where lots of visitors got stuck in the sand.  I drove part way, parked then walked the rest of the way to the water.  It was a perfect spot to hang out, cool off, and dine.
The drive from Lone Rock Beach to my hotel takes me right by the Glen Canyon Dam and Carl Hayden Visitor Center.  I stopped in to check out if there was an opening for the $5.00 45 minute tour and lucky me there was one spot left but it was leaving in 7 minutes.  Security is high, so I had to run to the Soul to drop off everything.  I was only allowed to bring my wallet and my camera but not the camera case.  The first elevator brought us down part way where the bridge was almost at eye level and the visitor center a bit up.  The second elevator took us all the way to the bottom.  I'm not that much into details and listening on these types of tours but enjoy being in these places.  

Page Day 7 am, April 26, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 7 am
April 26, 2013

I thought about heading west to Kanab today after hiking to see the Toadstools, and even packed prepared to, but backed out on that plan and made the Toadstools my most westerly destination for the day.  Once again, it was very hot and I found it draining.  I owned the Toadstools and had loads of fun exploring them.   This area is just a tip of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  There is much more to explore deeper into the Monument but that will have to wait for another year.  I spent two hours enjoying the Toadstools, then stopped in to visit with a Ranger down the road.  This was only 45 minutes west of Page so I planned on lunch at a perfect place on my way back.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Page Day 6, April 25, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 6
Monument Valley
April 25, 2013

Feeling well rested after yesterday's easy day, I was game for the longer drive east to Monument Valley for the day.  I didn't want to spend lots of time driving on this vacation because I only have a week and there is so much to see close by.  Today's drive was two and a half hours each way.  I left early before there was lots of cars on the road.  It was a very pretty, straight forward trip.  I opted for the Wildcat Trail hike instead of the scenic drive on the rough road.  This way I could get very close to the South Mitten Butte.  The monuments were magnificent!  After the hike, I shopped at the Visitor Center then found a spot with a view to have a late lunch before driving back to Page.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Page Day 5, April 24, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 5
Rainbow Bridge National Monument
April 24, 2013

Perfect planning was to book this boat trip to Rainbow Bride for after yesterday's big day hiking in South Coyote Buttes. The only thing was that I had to be out the door at 6:15am.  Normally that is easy for me,  but being in such a comfy bed, getting lots of fresh air, sunshine and exercise was making early starts problematic.  This was a two hour thirty minute boat trip each way which was exactly what I needed.  The scenery from the ride on Lake Powell was spectacular.  It was interesting when the river narrowed and the Captain had to manuver the boat between the canyon walls.  When the boat docked, I quickly got off and in front of everyone for the mile hike to the Bridge.  I took a few photos along the trail first and then I wanted photos of Rainbow Bridge with no one in them and I also wanted one of myself only.  Success!  Slowly everyone else arrived.  We had an hour thirty minute visit at the Bridge and that was just the right amount of time.  I slept for most of the boat ride back to Lake Powell Resort.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Page Day 4 pm, April 23, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 4 pm
White Pockets
April 23, 2013

The White Pockets area was where I wanted to hike the most and was glad to find someone who would take me there.  When South Coyotte Buttes got added on to the day, I felt like the luckiest lady on earth.  This area is deeper into the Paria Plateau and even wilder  getting to then where we spent the morning.  The colors were spectacular as was the landscape.  This is an area considered to be a photographers dream place to shoot.  It was a fun place to play which the guide encouraged, as long as it was not a fragile section.  So play I did!  The whole afternoon, I saw one fellow to talk to and a couple off in the distance.  After hiking the White Pockets, we were back to that wild and crazy ride back over big rocks, through sand, around roots.  I'm sure I smiled from ear to ear all day.  It was hard not to.  Like all wonderful hikes I do, I relived today when I laid in bed and closed my eyes. Now it's time to dream!