Saturday, December 12, 2015

breathing it all in

When I returned to my car after X-C Skiing thr Fairview Loop, I had a bite to eat in my car while admiring the amazing scenery surrounding me.  It was after noontime and it was still not busy.  The views today were as perfect as they get here in winter (yet it's still spring) and I had to take full advantage and breathe it all in. 

I came to this specific spot last weekend when it was grey, dismal and dull.  Look at the view today! As I was capturing the vision, a few folks gathered.  We chatted, we admired, they took the same shot then wanted to be in a shot, so I obliged.
                                                 Then I wanted to be in a shot too.
               Enough of the lake leading to the creek was open to cast a reflection.  
                    A wide path was groomed to walk towards the middle of Lake Louise.  
                              I joined a small number of others who headed that way.  
If you look closely, you can see Mount Victoria and Victoria Glacier peeking out through the clouds.  I have seen this scene so many times, but never have I witnessed it appearing as beautiful as it did today.

While feeling fulfilled from the ski and the walk, I was not ready to let go and leave the area.  I drove down to the Village to walk some more along the Bow River.  It was warmer down here and the amount of snow that fell overnight made it a magical place to be at.
       There were lots of snow pillows and trees heavily laden with new pure white snow.
Not being on X-C Skis afforded me the opportunity to get closer to the river.  Folks had snowshoed through here prior so I followed their broken trail.  What colors!  
                                                       so vivid and bright and pure
It snowed here last night and that made for such a winter wonderland.   I don't think it could get any more perfect than this.  After a few more kilometres completed, I was now ready to head back, put my feet up, and relax the evening away.
                    I could not have asked for anything more or otherwise for this day.  


  1. Oh so beautiful! I'd love to see Banff in the winter! And all that snow....I'm drooling right now!

  2. Wooow, so beautiful, pretty, splendid, just perfect. I especially love the river view. Could you let us know where you started the walk along the river? Was it right behind the shopping mall?

  3. Alexandra I can feel the euphoria of the day, as if I were there snow skiing with you - such pristine, magical beauty.
    How wonderful that you have had the chance to spend so much time in this area in the past few weeks. Definitely a bonus for your readers.


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