Sunday, June 29, 2014

driving to recovery

Another aspect to overcome on this road to recovery is building up my time behind the wheel.  The forecast for this morning was fabulous so I aimed for west, to the mountains, to a pretty place, to views with much meaning, to what would be a round trip of 190 kms.  Today's test drive destination was Forgetmenot Pond.  It was a picture perfect place to enjoy breakfast and the view.
There were two other reasons I aimed for this area.  
I wanted to eye two specific hiking objectives.  

Forgetmenot Ridge

It looked grand today just like I remember it to be. 

I have a dream for this Ridge.  After a trip up there last year, a friend and I discussed a plan for this summer which I have not forgotten.  My hope is to be able to live out this dream but it will take lots of work. 

Prairie Mountain

Looks like a star alignment for those up there this morning.

I was curious as to how I might feel seeing and being near this Mountain for the first time since my accident on it.  When I saw it, I thought what a lovely view, it looks so inviting, I will be back one day!

With the test drive complete and feeling no worse for wear, it's time to walk the talk, or should I say, hike the talk.  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

almost deja vu

Just like last Saturday, I ended up with more time on my hands today than expected.  Last Saturday I completed what was on my todo list early,  today I could not be bothered accomplishing my todo list.  I'm not sure when what needs to be done will get done and I don't care either!  Monday to Friday is back to normal and I am concentrating on getting Saturday and Sunday back to normal that's what I care about right now.  While only on a hill today, it was a great place to start incorporating elevation gain into "finding-my-urban-soul".  I aimed for hills here and there and when I came across them, I completed hill repeats. 
clouds were dancing again today
the bush bottoms caught my attention
big sky country
seeing forever
in the middle of the city
A little while back, a few friends joined me on Nose Hill and we came across this massive collection of water which I dubbed Nose Hill Lake. I specifically went in search of it today and, voila!
After two hours and completing a few loops of various sizes, and making a good dent in my first elevation gain concentration, I hit the road home. After freshening up, then it was time to refreshen the taste buds with a mix of coconut water and slightly blended watermelon.  
today's route
The outcome was positive after x-rays and a visit with the surgeon this week. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the light is bright enough that it's time to start counting sleeps.  In the meantime, more elevation gain work is needed as is being behind the wheel for longer sessions.  Stay tuned!           

Sunday, June 22, 2014

No surprises here.....

.....and I knew there would not be!  I got pleasant & pretty which was the exact combo I expected.  I put a shout out looking for friends to tag along with me, along the pathways in and around Prince's Island Park, but all were busy.  Being on my own afforded me the opportunity to spend a little more time playing with composition.   Seeing that this was only my second time ever to cross the Peace Bridge and my first time to photograph it, I was delighted with what was presented to me to capture this split second in time.  
After completing the Crowchild Loop, I headed east towards the River Walk & East Village.  I can't remember when I was last here, but boy oh boy, the area was scenic & delightful.  
view towards the Center Street Bridge
The decks are ideal for getting optimum views of The Bow River.  With this warm weather finally arriving, I now need to work on getting my arm into position to put those pig tails back in my hair.  I need that hair raising feeling that lets the air flow around my neck! 
The stones set in the sidewalk match the decor along the River Walk. 
a snack stop place
With the morning moving on, the sun warming up, my urban hike complete, I headed home feeling content with what I accomplished.  It's now time to consider moving a little further away from finding my urban soul.  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

summer in the city

Never before have sleeping in, grocery shopping, laundry and closet organizing been priorities for a Saturday! That was my plan to ring in this first day of summer.  Well before noon though, unexpectedly, all was said and done.  With energy left to spend, I went shopping for that item called "finding-my-urban-soul".  I had success on Nose Hill!  That item was in abundance there today and I got greedy and came away with more than my fair share.
Each day I have tiny successes giving me reason to celebrate.  Today was ten-fold:  I donned a pull over the head shirt, carried my SX40HS, went off the beaten path and descended a damp steep trail (very gingerly).  Today's celebratory drink was partially crushed watermelon mixed with coconut water.  It was colorful and refreshing, just like my time on Nose Hill! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


During last Wednesday's clinical visit, I was given the thumbs-up to get behind the wheel.  By this morning, I felt ready to give it a good go.  Today was my D-Day and I went for shorter for the first time and made my way to Prince's Island.  This was the perfect urban trail head.  I bundled all my little successes together and added a new one to the mix. In addition to wearing those shoes that I can double bow-tie, plus buckling on my small pack, plus toting my GPS, plus donning a rain jacket, this time I tucked in my powershot elph to capture split seconds in time.

while out "finding-my-urban-soul" this Father's Day morning

there were trails
and water ways
plus wildflowers
also brown furry animals
all the items that make for a great hike
even though these items were all of the urban kind
they brought me closer to my mountain soul

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Knot Happy

Every day brings a reason to celebrate.  It never crossed my mind that one day I would feel like performing a "leap of love" because I could tie my shoe lace.  Tying double knots in both of my hiking shoes was today's accomplishment.  No "leap of love" was performed but I did have an extra bounce in my step while "finding-my-urban-soul" this morning.  Since launching "finding-my-urban-soul", I have covered 72 kms to date. These digits will definitely be part of the 2014 final tally of total ground coverage.  I have not been monitoring elevation gain, but give me a few weeks and I may have something to report.
Cloud cover with chance of showers is, now, no reason not to move on.  
Being knot happy takes care of that issue.  
I do need to maintain a dry cast.
There are many more aspects of recovery to overcome.  I survived my first unscratchable itch by getting lost in a happy place in my mind until the need to scratch passed.  Skin that is now free of cast cover continues to peel.  I wasn't prepared for that to happen so did google to find out what the heck that was all about. 

Each morning I wake excited to make some kind of progress!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Graduation Day

June is known for being the month of graduations.  Leading up to that day folks put in time working hard and learning.  They do what it takes to give themselves the best chance ever for excellent results when it comes to test day.  That's when they get to prove they did what was required to the best of their ability.   Then it comes down to waiting for the results, donning the special attire, assembling with other folks and the professionals, then just waiting for your name to be called. That's what today looked like for me.  I manuvered into my shirt, slung on the sling, made my way to the cast clinic, sat with the other patients, then waited my turn for the x-ray and to see the orthopedic surgeon. 

I am happy to declare, I graduated today!    

I graduated from this....
to this!
I will admit, I was nervous at first not knowing what I was facing.  The professionals were compassionate and took time to assist me in dismissing that feeling.  I was not ready to see the incision but I was brave enough to look at the x-ray.  Yes, that is quite the apparatus deep inside my arm.  I was presented with an array of shades to pick from for my half cast.  With no teetering what-so-ever, I announced "orange!"  Now on to the next stage of putting in time to learn and progress.

"Orange is a power color. It is one of the healing colors. It is said to increase the craving for food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Lady luck's color is orange."

Sunday, June 8, 2014

tug n tote

Today marks three weeks since that hiking accident when I fractured a bone in my arm into enough pieces that the orthopedic specialist told me that is what they call "dusted".  During pre & post surgery, knowing details was too much for me but now I am curious about the screws and plate which are now a part of me. We'll see if I am still brave enough to become more knowledgeable when I have the opportunity later this week.  

Each day I work at making progress.  Daily activities + performed exercises + over-comings constitute my recovery plan which I dub "finding-my-urban-soul"!  Today, advances were made in "finding-my-urban-soul." I could contort enough to get socks on and toe-covered sandals that have a toggle to tug tight.  This meant I could comfortably walk further in my neighbourhood than I could in my easy-breezy sandals.  I strapped my smallest tote onto my back and tucked my GPS into the pocket.  Matchy matchy is on the back burner for now, yet these socks & sandals that I'm rockin carried me closer to my mountain soul.

Friday, June 6, 2014

heeding advice

I like how life just has a way of sorting itself out and everything just falls into place as it should.  This curve inserted into my straight-forward life is a new kind of event for me to experience.  Beginning with loads of uncertainties plus a bundle of questions, I soon came to realize others would be there for me to assist in every which way that was needed.  Words very early on from a professional consultant offered up what my time over the next little while should look like.  I am heeding her advice.  At first I pondered how the heck will I fill my days, now I am reflecting on where has the time gone.  I like how life just has a way of sorting itself out!             

Monday, June 2, 2014

lost in my neighbourhood

I have been taking time daily to build up my energy level and to catch fresh air.  For now, I can safely go where flat-sole, open-toe, velcro-closing sandals can take me.  During far back past days of running I spent some time quickly by-passing streets and lanes close by but now I am appreciating my stomping grounds in a whole new light. Today while venturing down unfrequented boulevards, I realized I was escaping cares & worries and found myself lost in the late spring-time beauty in my neighbourhood.  While being lost "out & about" something that came to the forefront of my thoughts was that I am missing capturing split seconds in time.  There have been a multiple of those kinds of seconds even close to home.  Until I am able to manage that again, I can still......