Saturday, December 5, 2015

Powdery Delight

I woke at 2:00am this morning, opened the curtains and saw snow heavily coming down.  It looked dreamy so I left the curtains open and watched the winter-white fall as I drifted off to sleep conjuring up dreams of it under my X-C Skis.  My dream came true when I arrived at the Village parking lot for the Tramline Trail that goes up to Lake Louise.  

The track had been groomed and set yesterday but lucky for me, a skier hopped into the track and defined it while I was gearing up.  Also while I was getting ready, a walker took to the descending track as you can see in the photo below.  The footprints in the track lasted for about two kilometres.
The conditions were powdery perfect, the scenery spectacular and the weather was wonderful.  At the bridge it was time to put my jacket away.  Even though the angle of ascent was gentle, it was work and it warmed me up.                   
Waking at Lake Louise afforded me an early start to the day.  The low sun hid behind the clouds & the trees & the mountains but did lend a bit of bright now and then.  The soloist before me was long gone and that walker took a detour awhile back. I enjoyed the peacefulness.
I could see at the Moraine Lake Road crossing, it was now my turn to define the tracks for the balance of the ski along the Tramline Trail.  I could also see only one vehicle in the Moraine Lake Road parking lot and by now it was getting close to 10:30.  Where is everybody?

                                               getting close to The Chateau
The climb was over, I made it to the top.  I guess that means I can call this a summit, so here is my summit shot in front of Fairview.  I did not go beyond here, I did not want to get caught up in the touristy rush.  I took a few minutes as it was so lovely here.  I noticed another trail to check out at a future date.  Standing right here I felt like I was smack dab in the center of a winter-wonderland.
I began the descent and knew it would be quick.  My waxless skis were working perfectly for me.  I did take a moment now and then still to admire my surroundings. In no time at all I was back at the bridge.
         view just before gong around the corner where it would be sail time to the bottom
Sail to the bottom I did, and it was a bumpy sail as those foot prints from that walker had not been skied over yet. I then arrived at the river crossing that would take me right back to my car. 
I enjoyed that Tramline Trail.  I am happy to be able to see new terrain and varying views along the way. I am liking that I can be out & about for two to three to four hours and end up with that feeling of being pleasantly depleted.  With it now being noon, I was ready for lunch and a nap.    


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  1. Definitely a winter wonderland. How wonderful to have it all to yourself.


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