Sunday, December 6, 2015

Just One More......

......and I should be O.K. for a few days!  After another night of light flurries on top of this already winter-wonderland, I knew the X-C Ski tracks would be ideal.  I checked the groomers report and my map of trails and picked another new one to check out.   I had one more X-C Ski in me before hitting the highway home. First though of course, I had to devote some time to hiking the length of Lake Louise while it was covered in snow.  That took about and hour and then I drove back to the Great Divide parking lot to gain access to the Telemark X-C Ski Trail.  It was heavenly!  So white ! So pure!  So perfectly pretty!  
What a fun track #8 was!
There were numerous twists and turns and a few downhill sections where I got to pick up pace and then maneuver my way back into the track at the bottom of the hill.  It was so much fun!  I can't help myself, I still stop to take photos.  I don't want to forget what the views look like!  
It was a grey morning and my photos look black and white all on their own.  
It appeared that something was rolling in from the distance, could it be more snow on the way?  
It was such a beautiful sight following the narrow track through the tall tree section.  
I completed the full length of the Telemark Track from the Great Divide Trail and landed back at the Great Divide Trail with the long stretch to ski back to the parking lot.  Like I said early on here, it was heavenly.  I wanted to kick and glide fast but then again I didn't want this long weekend to end.  I just made sure to thoroughly enjoy every single second I had left.

It was a great ski morning!  In fact, it was a great X-C Ski long weekend.  I took advantage of the SkierBob accommodation discount so it made for a cheap yet priceless weekend that was worth a million.  I am truly enjoying this sport and look forward to exploring new tracks.  It feels like I have so much more discover about this and I am delving in with eyes wide open!  

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  1. So glad you continue to stop and take more photos.
    I know the feeling and by stopping you get to enjoy it all so much more.
    Just magical . I particularly love your last shot.


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