Friday, February 24, 2017

Tofino February 24, 2017

I had no idea what to expect from my vacation in Tofino.  I went with hopes in mind and plans in place.  I saw photos, I heard stories, places to see were recommended, warnings were given.  I heeded all that was available and offered up before hand.  When I finally arrived and began to settle in to this journey, I was blown away!  

I went prepared for rain, wind, storms.  I brought books to read by the fireplace.  My home away from home had a window to the world of beach life in Tofino.  I half expected to be watching this world from the warmth and dryness of my living room lounge.

I believe I need to acknowledge that I needed to be there when I was and that for some unexplained reason the weather conditions turned to perfectly warm and sunny and clear and wonderful which is not the norm whatsoever for the end of February.  I am very thankful for this.  I treasured every second of time I spent in Tofino.
I wanted to spend my last morning here walking my beach.  When I looked out I saw a darkness in the clouds almost like the beginnings of a rain storm.  I donned the yellow slicker that hung in the closet in my suite which is provided by the resort.  I like that it has a sand dollar on the back.  I went outside to face that storm!
I paced, I waited, I strolled.  It was taking its time to brew.  I decided to go back inside and have breakfast while it was brewing.  When I finished I opened my curtains only to see blue, pink and sun.  Oh well, just another day in paradise.

I spent a little longer here before it was time to begin the trek back to reality.  I stopped my Kennedy Lake for a visit and then strolled through Cathedral Grove.  British Columbia is also known for its massive amounts of trees quantity-wise and size-wise.  

                   Tomorrow I will only say so long to British Columbia.  


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tofino February 23, 2017

In contrast to all of yesterday's beach walking having my feet firmly planted on sand, today I would look down onto rough and rugged and rocky shores.  By hiking on trails or scrambling out onto outcrops and perches, there is a whole other beauty to behold around this place.  Of course though, I would wind down the day along my beach.
My morning began with a drive south along the winding Pacific Rim Highway to Ucluelet.  I noticed a dock view down to the side from my previous visit, I wanted a closer look before going to the trail head to hike.
It was going to be another wonderful day weather-wise and I was excited to hit the trail.  I started at the Ancient Cedars trail head and hiked up the hill to the intersection taking a right to check out the Rocky Bluffs.
The hike along the Artist Loops was outstanding.  There were numerous storm watching decks and platforms called Painter's Perches.  This trail was a photographer's dream or I should say an artist's dream.  Each viewpoint offered up an amazing scene.

This hike would be an out and back for me.  I had a turn around time picked.  At that time I had covered more ground than I expected to.  I most definitely was fulfilled with seeing this rough and rugged beauty.  I had an errand to run in downtown Tofino so went about my day and went there.  I did not spend much time here, I much preferred to be elsewhere.  I completed my errand then captured a view from the park.
I returned to my home away from home, dropped off my belongings then headed out my patio door to go explore around Pettinger Point again.  I went a little further and a little higher.

I had a look at Frank Island which is where I walked to yesterday.  I could see the tide heading out and I could see people heading out to it.
I scrambled back over those rocks to my beach off in the distance.  I changed into my rubber boots along the way then strolled to the far end, playing in the water, watching the surfers and waiting for the sun to set.

With the timing of the sunsets during my stay here, it leaves me with a few evening hours afterwards to enjoy dinner, wind down, relax by the fire and read my book.   Then I head off to dream about how I will begin just another day in paradise!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tofino February 22, 2017

When I opened my eyes this morning the first thing I did was check the weather forecast, the times for high and low tides and the sunrise and sunset times.  After all that pertinent information was gathered I put my feet on the floor and began my day.  Once again there would be no storm watching here in Tofino.  This would be a more purposeful day of capturing special seconds in time to make a collection of wonderful west coast beach memories.  Disclaimer:  If you are one of my followers who reads my words from beginning to end then you may need to prepare a snack to have as you settle in for my story.
I enjoyed this morning's initial light of day from the lawn chair on my patio still in pj's yet with fleece over top along with hat and gloves plus a coffee in hand.  
I watched the shades of blue come alive and I was realizing what kind of a day I would be in for.  I snuck off my patio into the trees in my pj's to quickly steal this shot.  
After breakfast and being properly attired I took a longer stroll on my beach to the far end so I could get a full on view of the Lennard Island Lighthouse.
It is a short drive down the road to a long beach called Long Beach.  This beach would take a long time to hike so I went prepared.  I timed my start for when the tide was beginning to head out for the day.
When I looked to my left I could see beach forever.  I admired what was right in front of me first then began my beach comb.  There was driftwood galore of all sizes.  Seashells were plentiful.  Sand is firm for easy walking.  The beiges, the blues, are all beautiful.  There was so much to take in, too much for one set of eyes.

The waves lightly crashing made this a very peaceful place.  As I said I could see beach forever plus this was too much for one set of eyes, and I had a long way to go on Long Beach.  I took time to think of three special people in my life.  The beach means much to each of these maritime ladies for very individual reasons.  In spirit, I had them with me each step of the way along this piece of paradise.  


It was a unique experience to be on a summery time like beach and be able to capture winter like frostiness.

I see something here!  Do you?  One couple I chatted with saw Stonehedge.  I see pillars, tightly together, strongly supporting each other, as if they were life long friends and a soul sister.  
I reached the far end eventually, then made my way back.  I kept looking back as the lighting was amazing.  I also wanted to get last glimpses to take away.  
I reached my vehicle then drove off to another beach that had lots to offer.  Chesterman Beach was in the opposite direction yet only a mere few minutes from Long Beach, so not a long drive.

When the tide is low you can stroll all the way out to Frank Island which I did.  Parts of this tiny rocky Island are off limits where there is a private residence. 

I walked around the back side of Frank Island to where I had a view of my home away from home.  It was time to head back there so I could set up for sunset.
By the time I arrived back at my home away from home there were no puffy fluffy nor wispy clouds in the sky.  I wondered what kind of sunset there would be!  Sunset seekers lined the beach and we all waited.  Then it happened, a truly beautiful sight!
Now it was time for dinner & wine, then to put my feet up by the flickering candle light.  I turned to head to my suite and it just never ends, another special second in time.
This was a most magical day!   In my first post about this place, I shared that a friend said there is something about Tofino but she could not put her finger on it. Maybe it's a spiritual thing she said.  I thought I would have figured this thing out by now, but no luck.  This place has captured my spirit and my heart!

                        Thank you Ann, Marion, Mary for your friendships.