Sunday, December 13, 2015

Great Divide Telemark X-C Ski I Am Winter

Just call me "Winter"!  I get excited every time I hear "it snowed again last night".  I know what that means for X-C Skiing conditions and for scenery.    I like to ski in newly track set tracks after they have hardened but I am liking even more to get into the track after a few centimeters of new snow slightly fill the old track.  I like to be able to see the indent and to stay within it.  I am learning to know what I like and what works for me and now I chase that.

While I like the new snowfalls for activities, I do not care for it for driving.  I left early to avoid the traffic yet still the drive this morning into Lake Louise Village was white knuckling.  Good thing I did not have far to drive.  

As I was gearing up to get going, so were the dog sledders.  One snowshoer was heading out and the groomer was just arriving.  The mornings have been a golden delight here.  The sun peeks through the trees and thin clouds and works wonders.  
                It is so quiet.  I treasure these moments.  
I picked the Telemark trail again.  The forecast was not for the greatest to go further west.  I will save that for another time.  I could obtain all I needed right here in this place that seemed like paradise this morning.  
the light shines through
Light flurries were falling as I skied which added to the beauty.  A lone lady I saw yesterday came around the corner on her own again here.  We shared pleasantries and photo opportunities. She must have started much earlier, she was already on her way back. 
snow laden trees
My morning was glorious!  I enjoyed being out & about skiiing in snow-filled tracks with flurries falling.  The air was fresh & crisp & clean.  My uncovered hair was thick with frost and I could tell my nose was pink and cheeks glowing.  I was warm in my layers and at the end I savoured a cup of hot chocolate.  All these things this time of year afford us, I grab onto and embrance.  I am "Winter"!


  1. Your cross country ski trails are sooo pretty! I would love to go skiing with you.

  2. And the magic continues! Wondrously beautiful.


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