Saturday, May 21, 2011

WATCH OUT at The Lookout

Those in the know say this year the snow free hiking won't come until the end of June into early July.  I am tired of the snow but I need my mountain fix so just have to bite the bullet and make the best of it.  We made the best of it hiking to the Kananaskis Lookout today.  The snow was firm for the ascent, but that was the only time and place it was. 
It was a slow go on the ascent as we followed a fire road and cross country ski trails in the trees with no views and lots of dirty snow.  It was not a pretty sight!  Yet, I was happy to be out with friends and getting caught up on what they have been up to.  The trail up was relentless in the snow, with one turn after another after another after another.  Finally rounding a bend there was The Kananaskis Lookout!
It is still closed for the season which meant we could own it today! I secretly hoped no others would show up and my hope came true!  We owned it! WATCH OUT!  I sunk to just above my knees in the snow as I worked my way to the mail box.  I checked the Visitor Book to see the last visitor was there on April 24th.  I'm sure as the snow melts and once the Operator moves in, many more folks will drop by for a visit.
There were nice dry areas around The Lookout to drop our packs and settled in for awhile!  Before having lunch, I took a tour and photos of all the sights.  
This is a happening place!
We took full advantage of owning the place!
90 minutes later, I have this to show for the time!
I was surprised with only 430 meters of elevation, we were afforded views like this.  The frozen Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes are starting to thaw.  
 Lucky you, who ever gets to operator this Lookout!
24-7 of this!
After spending 90 minutes at the Lookout, we hit the trail to head back.  I didn't want to leave!  As we approached the Campground near the end, my wish was that I was heading to my camp site for the night!  But, reality for today was to head back to the parking lot, hop in the car and drive home.  

Here's a reminder for all of you who park cars at trail heads!  Remember to lock valuables away out of sight or take them with you.  As we approached the parking lot, we came upon two fellows using tools to get into a little red vehicle.  My first thought was one guy locked himself out of his vehicle and his buddy was helping him get into it.  That's probably what they want folks to think!  As we got closer, they turned their backs, then both quickly hopped in the grey car parked beside the red car and took off.  I quickly went to my vehicle praying it was O.K. and it was.  If we didn't come along and scare them off, I may have been a victim!  

Today's distance, elevation, location, scenery and company were all perfect!
Thank you sharing today with me!

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  1. Good for you for going, snow or not!
    I've wandered about there and especially enjoy the views of the lakes...


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