Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aftermath Chaser

These Purposely Picked Places lately to Spend Saturday's Sauntering have been turning out to be Wonderfully Wickedly Wild!  Today's Corner of the back Country wasn't my Choice but it was my Choice to Come along and I didn't need much Coaxing or Convincing!  After All, if someone who Answers to the first name of Adventure, and Advertises for takers to join in a day Away from the city, there Ain't no way I'm staying home!

The past few days, Alberta has experienced crazy weather!  I'm not one to brave the elements as they are happening so I guess I would be called an "Aftermath Chaser"!  I was curious to see what my playground looked like after all that rain and snow.  The officials know there are folks like me so they warn us!  Some signs we obeyed, others we gambled on and won!  
Mother Nature can be so cruel!  It's May 28th, we should be picnicing, basking in the sunshine, wearing sandals, shorts and short sleeve shirts and slopping sunscreen on our skin. Today though, we were decked out in winter wear!  Thank goodness for all wheel drives and all weather tires.  We needed it "all" today!  In times of uncertainty, I led the way on foot, checking the depth of snow piles to drive through and the depth of water filled pot holes that could not be circumnavigated. In the third photo below, the hind end of the vehicle is actually in the air getting ready to hit ground after one big gigantic bounce!
Mother Nature can be so kind! She has a way with her, that Mother Nature does!  Just as you curse her for her cruelty, she presents you with a thing of beauty!  While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, surely you have to agree with me that wild horses, wild crocuses and a thawing mountain pond all bring a smile to your face.
It may be awhile before the mountains can be fully enjoyed by hiking!  They were covered with lots of new snow and it was even falling while we were passing through.  It was unusual to meet a snow plow at work creating large drifts at this time of year.  The driver didn't look happy!  I don't blame him!  I will admit, no matter what, I thoroughly enjoyed today!  There is something about not knowing what is around the next corner that makes my heart sing!  

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