Friday, May 6, 2011

Corona Arch May 6, 2011 Outside Moab

When I first started my research on the Moab area, I came across an adventure company that offers rappels off the Corona Arch.  I was intrigued by this and inquired about it with full intentions of rappelling if they had an opening  It didn't work out and when I got to the Arch and saw it, I was thankful.  Everything happens for a reason doesn't it!  I am quite happy with my Ephedros Canyon rappelling.

There were two cars at the trailhead at 3:00.  I was surprised at that, I expected more.  Before heading off, I piled on more sunscreen to prevent any further burning.  My legs were already stinging from the hot sun but I wasn't ready to quit yet.  
This was rated an easy 5km hike.  It was on the easy side but there were some sections folks would find challenging.  Crossing the train tracks wouldn't be one of the challenging areas.
But some would find climbing this steep slickrock section a challenge.  There is a chain to hold on to which I was thankful for.  I wonder how steep slickrock has to be before you start sliding on it or loosing your balance,
Thank you for the ladder!  
This was a surprise arch!  All of a sudden there it was!  It looks close but it wasn't.  The two dots underneath it are people.  I had to circumnavigate around a canyon along angled slickrock to get to Corona Arch.  Once I arrived, I admired its beauty, took photos then played on it. There is no way I would have had the nerve to go to the front side, climb up and rappel off.
This was the best I was capable off!
See me?
At the base!
The return hike was quick and now I was tired and hungry, burnt and sore.  I declare this is the end of today for me!

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