Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ephedras Grotto Canyoneering May 5, 2011 Moab

Today was what I was most excited about for this trip!  Canyoneering!  I tried it for the first time last May just outside of Zion National Park.  I was hooked!  This was on the top of my to-do list.   The first part was a 75 foot drop into a grotto.  I'm ready to go, I just need to be hooked and knotted.  I volunteered to go first!  I was quit nervous and wanted to get it over with and enjoy some time in the grotto.  
This is Kristen coming down.  Me being the first, there are no photos to share but if there was, they would look similar to this.  I knew from experience not to fight gravity and I was warned there were three places where it will take you and to just go with it. 
Once at the bottom and roped off, it's thumbs up!  What a joy ride that was! There was a small pool of water at the bottom and I had to work my way to the side while on the rope so I didn't land in it.
The next part is a 120 foot rappel.  This time I go second so Kristen can get photos of me.   I walked out on top first to get a photo with the whole Morning Glory Canyon 120 feet down and behind me.
The first third is against the wall then it gets wild after that!
When there was no more wall to climb down, I crossed my ankles, bent my knees and rappelled down the rest of the way! I know I want to do this again one day. I took my time so I could enjoy the view around.  
Gaar was my guide!  My kind of guy, he gave me the green helmet!
How did he know its all about matching with me!
We had a 4km hike out the Morning Glory Canyon to top off this adventure!

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