Thursday, May 5, 2011

Devil's Garden May 5, 2011 Arches National Park

Devil's Garden is the place to go if you want to see the most number of arches in a concentrated area.   This was a 12km hike that I did after canyoneering in the morning.  It was hot today like deserts are known to be, so it was slow going.   The trail is well manicured and there are cairns to mark the way.  The Primitive Trail is exactly that and it pays to have route finding experience and hands on hiking skills.
This is the typical tourist trail!
Of course, I have to have my photo taken at the first arch, Pine Tree Arch.
Landscape Arch is one of the most famous arches.  It looks like it is on its last legs!
Partition Arch is a favourite of mine of all the Devil's Garden arches.
If I wasn't strolling along sandy pathways then I was hiking on top of long gigantic fins.
That fin led to Double O Arch!  You can see the second little arch in the bottom middle.
If I wasn't strolling along sandy pathways or hiking on long gigantic fins, then I was route finding through the fins and slickrock.
Not many folks carry on to Dark Angel.  How could you not with it standing so alone out in the middle of no where beckoning for attention.  
I answered her calling!
Can you see me doing that pose I always do? 
What a big day!  Friday is to be an even bigger day!  

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