Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holes & Needles May 10, 2011

With the clock ticking down and still so much to see, we planned to cover serious ground today!  For a change, we headed south and southwest.  Just south of Moab is this place built in the side of the rock.  Click on place to check out the story!   It took more of our time then planned but was well worth it and worth the $5.00 to go inside.
The Needles is another section of Canyonlands National Park.  It is not as busy as Island in the Sky, I don't know why.  It's not that far of a drive, it is gorgeous territory and offers a totally different look then Island in the Sky.  There are hiking trails, camp grounds, side of the road tourist sights and its own Visitor Center.

I read in a few places that Newspaper Rock is a sight to see.  It has the most petroglyphs in one panel in all of the Colorado Plateau.  
I have about six photos of the art, these are two of them.

The red rock views were spectacular!
From the articles I read, I didn't expect to get this close to the actual Needles.  These spires have been sculpted from water, wind and gravity.  This is only what my camera could capture, the line of needles continued on in both directions far beyond.
The scenic drive passed by many unusual places.  I love the location of this campsite.  Their tent is perched underneath the mushroom.  Many of the campsites looked like this one, very private and very picturesque.
At Elephant Hill, we found the perfect lunch spot. This was our view.  It amazed me where vehicles would go in Canyonlands.  This red truck drove up and over and disappeared.  I would love to know what is behind those formations.  Some day!
One campground had a campfire theatre.   The path alone leading to this site was the prettiest thing.
Cave Spring was another unusual place to hike through.
There were ladders to climb!
Slickrock to hike across!
Windows to peek through!
Low ledges to stroll under!
They were very low!  Ouch!
We spent a few hours discovering The Needles!  I know I would love to return to this area one day and complete a few hikes.  Maybe even camp or go jeeping!  It was time to leave and head north back to Moab.

Wilson Arch is just south of Moab.  We stopped there on the way down but the lighting was not the greatest.  Early evening gave us better light.  This time we climbed up to the arch for some photo shots.
Standing under it, I could see forever below and beyond!
Once back in Moab, we drove down Kane Creek Road and also out to Mill Creek Canyon.  Those two roads alone had sights to be seen.  We found the entrance to the famous Slickrock Bike Trail and drove in to see what it was all about.  The bike trails and scenery were out of this world.  No wonder bikers love it here!  We ended our day sight-seeing here.  As the sun began its descent, I took my last photo of the day, the slickrock framed by the La Sal Mountains!
What a wonderful last full day in Utah!  
It left me wanting more!
Some day!

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