Monday, May 11, 2020

Nosey May Days

Go but lay low is what my heart told me!  Early Saturday morning I went for a walk around Nose Creek again.  On this visit, I ventured off to a new to me meadow curious as to what I might find there.  This was the perfect open space to lay low and get my nose into snapping photographs as it was blanketed in crocuses. Bouquets were in abundance with dozens and dozens growing side by side in small spaces.  Of the multitude of bouquets, George picked the same bunch as me to get his nose into.  Veering off the Nose Creek main trails is leading me to sweet discoveries!  
such a sweet discovery
I know where my hearts belong!

While dinner cooks, while the daily updates are presented, while my hair is drying, while the washer is running, I get my nose into the paints to while away the minutes.  This is one of the ways I am making the most of May moments.  I am learning I like to work on smooth rocks.

In keeping with the nosey theme, I spent two hours up on Nose Hill this Mother's Day morning.  The radar showed an open window and I went for it but on the mere minutes drive there, the window closed.  It then opened long enough for me to capture a photo of the sun peaking through and then the window closed and stayed closed.  I stayed and kept on with my intended route.  It was winter-like enough that many layers, gloves and hat were necessary.  Just like yesterday, I got my nose into the crocus bouquets.  By the time I was nearing the end of the 8kms enough snow had accumulated to build a snowman.  With the bumper crop of crocuses everywhere this year, I have been wondering is this a sign the wildflower season will be similar!

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  1. Glorious spring splendor, dusted beautifully with snowflakes.


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