Monday, May 18, 2020

living life on the May long weekend

My original intentions were to enjoy my home & deck & yard for the three days of this May long weekend.  We were being gifted a beautiful forecast for the entire time which meant the city would empty out into the foothills which I did not want to get caught up in.  As the weekend approached, I wanted to be "out & about" enjoying this gift.  I laid my cards out and figured how to play them right to make for a quiet, safe, enjoyable long weekend not at home but out there!

Saturday@Kananaskis  I packed a picnic along with my lawn chair and hammock then hit the highway very early to visit my favourite places along Highway 40.  I walked along the shore of the Upper Kananaskis Lake, visited Lower Lake, Canyon Day Use, Boulton Bridge and Wedge Pond.  At Wedge Pond I set up my chair, enjoyed a spot of tea and stretched out taking in the views and the mountain air.  Nap time came soon after and I found the perfect site at Mt Lorette Ponds to hang my hammock and settled into it to while away an hour or so.  Early does it and I got to enjoy the peace and quiet of Kananaskis!   

Sunday@Forgetmenot Pond  Sunrise is so early these days that it was rising as I drove along Route 66 on the way to my destination for breakfast.  As I pulled into the parking lot at Forgetmenot Pond, I saw a sight that just melted my heart.  I have seen the wild mustang horses many times but this was the first time for seeing a baby with Mom.  If I saw nothing else today, that would be OK.  But, once down by the Pond, the sights continued to be sweet.  A thin layer of ice was present in spots which added to the prettiness.  My favourite picnic spot was available, in fact all spots were available.  Breakfast in the Park at the Pond was Perfect!  Early does it and I got to enjoy the peace and quiet of Forgetmenot Pond!

Monday@Powderface & Prairie Creeks  The early bird owns the trails!  I owned the Powderface Creek + Prairie Link + Prairie Creek Loop up until about the last kilometre.  It was a true spring hike with mud, water, ice, snow, buds and crocuses.  It was a fine morning to be out here having the blue sky filled with fluffy puffy clouds, the ground cover turning green and hearing the creek running.  My sense is after the rain we are due to receive the next few days, the trails in this area may become an unpassable mess.  Early does it and I got to enjoy the peace and quiet of Powderface+Prairie Creeks Loop!


  1. Delightful images but how special is the Mustang and foal!

  2. You are so lucky to have such beauty at your fingertips.❤


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