Friday, May 29, 2020

Missinglink Mountain May 29, 2020

Driving West of Turner Valley you will eventually enter into Sheep Valley Provincial Park which is foothillish-like.  There are a multitude of hiking opportunities that grant you views of the big mountains even further west.  Our destination for today was to reach the summit of Missinglink Mountain.  We did reach it after lots of time spent route finding, creek crossing and bushwhacking.  We made it more of an adventure rather than picking the easiest way up and down.  We opted for a big loop which would give us more time out there in our mountain playground on this beautiful summer-like spring day.   
Geared up and ready to go early in the morning, we had the nice lighting, warm temperature already, no wind and we owned the parking lot.  It was good to see the outhouse was open, it was recently cleaned and stocked with the essentials.   Off we went, across the road, east a bit and then the adventure began.
I passed on snapping photos while we paid attention to getting where we needed to go to get where we wanted to be.  When we did reach the summit of Missinglink Mountain, we invested loads of time enjoying everything about a summit visit.  I went for the photo opportunities right away.
 the summit cairn
 The summit area had many crocuses scattered about.  
They were at their prime and so very pretty.
 my summit shot with Bluerock Mountain behind me
We ate, we drank, we took photos, we admired the views, we stretched a bit, we sat and sat and just continued to sit.  At some point you do need to carry on and finally we packed up and moved on down the mountain.  We followed a short ridge where the great views continued.
 at the edge of the ridge before heading into the forest
It was time again to pass on snapping photos while we paid attention to getting where we needed to go to get where we wanted to be.  We made it to the wide open slope and the only thing left was to work our way down.  This is a gentler part of the slope nearing the bottom.
 just wind through this valley to reach the road

We reached the road and had a bit of a hike back to the starting point.  We completed the big loop, geared down, hopped in our cars and hit the highway home.  This was a great Friday to end the work week, well the kind of work we do these days, well it does not necessarily end of a Friday these days.  What day is it?  What month is it ?  I know it's 2020!   


  1. Missinglink Mountain, is no longer a missing link in your chain of trails hiked. I just love the name and the beauty captured by your camera. How wonderful to stroll back down through that lush green, tiny valley.
    Missinglink Mountain reminds me of our Neglected Mountain trail.

    1. We saw only three other people the entire time, I wonder if your Neglected Trail is popular or not!

    2. It is quite neglected and part of it runs through private property. I would love to return to it.

  2. I'm constantly amazed at all of your hiking options!

    1. I rarely head off in this direction but I should more often. It's a little more wild with fewer people. The gates to access this area are open from mid May to mid November.


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