Sunday, May 3, 2020

May Days

It will be a May like no other and I am curious to see what our city, our province, our country, our world will have to show for this month come the end of it!  Never has life been so ever changing.  I know what my future holds in store, for this morning only, even at that I may be pushing it.  There is no time like the present to live in the moment.  

I made the most of these May 2nd morning moments, actually hours catching the sun rise at Confluence Park and then exploring parts of the Park I had not been to before.  I discovered a treasure trove of crocuses.  The meadows and slopes were carpeted with them.  Stand alone blooms were prevalent and I invested loads of time appreciating them.  Then when I came upon a multitude of bouquets, I only had it in me to enjoy just a few.  I needed to cover my planned distance so quickly onward it was.   Only one morning of one very early May day and I like what I have to show for it.  

For this Saturday and Sunday my intentions were to stick around home and accomplish home stuff.  I failed at doing that both days.  With the Provincial Parks now open, I just could not wait nor let a beautiful Sunday morning go by and have nothing being "out & about" related to show for it.  I arrived at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park very, very early.  It does open at sunrise and we do know what time the sun rises these days.  It was such a pastellie (I made up that word)) shaded sunrise!  From experience, I knew where to head to find crocuses and sure enough they were there in abundance.  I got lost in every magical moment it took to cover ten kilometres.

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  1. Beautiful flowers! I'm glad your parks have opened up - I wish the ones where I live would.


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