Friday, May 15, 2020

mid week days in the life of

The mountains are on my mind!  

Incorporating lots of pleasure with a little bit of business has been the theme when I spend time with my sister these days.  It takes a couple of hours to accomplish the full plan in place and that was the case at Carburn Park on Wednesday the 13th.  Once the business dealings were done, off we went.  She had never been here before, she quite liked it and I have a feeling we may end up meeting here again.  As you can see the pelicans are back, they know no borders nor boundaries.   Between walking around the pond and then by the river, we got our fill of water, fresh air and got caught up on what our lifes' plans might look like down the road.  While I may not be liking what our world has come to these days, I am thankful for the sweet sister time that is coming from this! 

One for me, one for you, one for a garden, one for a collection, one for a friend, and a surprise for someone else!  With a donation of rocks, with a request for a painted rock and with a curb-side pick-up to add colors to my collection,  I devoted a few hours during the news hours to lay down some of my favourite things onto stone canvases.  If these bring a smile then I feel I accomplished something!

We were due for another round of sharing hours of chitter-chatter about everything and anything!  This time for this round, on Thursday the 14th, we worked our way around the Glenmore Reservoir starting and finishing at the big "H" at Heritage Park.  This great big loop consisted of paved and dirt paths, of detouring down to the water and venturing off into the forests.  It had been years since I circumnavigated the Reservoir, the last time would have been in my running years when I ran the Calgary Police Half-Marathon.   That was long ago enough that today's route seemed brand new to me.  Around five hours after we started, we were back at the big "H".  While we were not successful at solving the world's problems, we were successful at smiling and laughing lots, filling our lungs with fresh air and contributing to our hearts being happy and healthy!

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