Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Fullerton Loop & some of Bobcat May 5, 2020

Now that we are permitted to head to the mountains and set foot on Provincial Park terrain, it's time to start working at getting my mountain lungs and legs back!  It will take some work, I began with  a hike around Fullerton adding some of Bobcat onto that.   My hope for an early start on a weekday was that it would be quiet but who knows what you will encounter these days.  I got what I hoped for, it was only at me at the start and at the end it was only me and only one other.   

"I'll hold you in my arms,
to feel the chance to live again!
I reach to you,
I surrender!"
looking through the trees over to what will be my high point 
a very frosty sparkly crystally morning
frosty fringe
While I began to feel alive even as I started to hike away from my car in the parking lot, it was being in the open, seeing the snow capped peaks and breathing in the real fresh mountain air that I truly felt my spirits lift.  I thought if I feel this way here, it will be absolutely amazing when I get to stand on a mountain summit again one day.
I veered off Fullerton and followed a single track trail to this opening.  
This was a good spot to just sit and give thanks for today.
the only wild life I saw along the trail other than a few deer 
It was time to descend and this was the view as I looked back before doing so.
This was a successful start to rejuvenating my mountain soul!

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