Thursday, May 7, 2020

more MAY moments

What I can control, I am controlling!  I get to decide how deep of a purple I want to paint the crocus.  I get to decide which stone I will place in my rockery.  I get to decide how many hours today I want to spend cross stitching.  I got to decide which city park we should stroll around.  Focusing on the little things in life these days is what keeps me optimistic and hopeful and in a positive frame of mind!  There are the times where my mind begins to venture down that dark road, I go a short distance before catching myself.  I then realize it's time to paint, cross-stitch, walk and do it all over again and again.  These "more MAY moments" show what hope and optimism and positivity look like for me!

This is how I acknowledge it is crocus season!  
one for the rockery, one on my deck, two for a friend

This sunflower is blooming! 
I accomplish only a couple of centimetres in an hour of timeframe.
The most challenging part I am yet to face, the beading!

I was delighted to share a couple of hours on this beautiful Wednesday walking around Ralph Klein Park with my sister.  It's been quite some time since we have been in each others company and it was easy to make the visit work in this wide open environmental space.  From the moment we met at the Park to the moment we stepped back into our vehicles at the end of our walk, we kept the distance yet held the love very close.  Package together the chatting, the views, the fresh air, the exercise, having someone close by and you get what I want more of my "MAY moments" to look like!  

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