Saturday, August 24, 2019

Forgetmenot Pond August 24, 2019

Wait up August!  Slow down!  Mid week when I was beginning to plan what I might want the next few days to look like, reality set in that the end of August is approaching. I knew it was because I look at my calendar all the time but I did not focus on the reality of it though.  It was time to! I wanted more days of being "out & about" but just hanging "out & about".  The forecast for today had been looking ideal so I booked myself off for a lazy day out at Forgetmenot Pond.  I was there back in July and enjoyed the place with all the improvements that have been made.

I knew I needed to be at The Pond early to secure a picnic site especially with it being a Saturday and a nice one at that.  I claimed my site and then strolled around to capture the beautiful reflections before settling in for a few hours.  The morning was still and silent!

I picked the same site as back in July.  It's the perfect spot.  
Actually all the sites are perfect for one reason or another.  
They were filling up fast too.
I set my hammock up in the trees.
made some peppermint tea
took my shoes off
got my book & camera beside me and just hung out
nice views...
...right in front of me!
I sipped, I snacked, I read, I daydreamed, I napped and then I did it all over again!

I want more days like this!

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