Thursday, August 22, 2019

C-Level Cirque August 22, 2019

"Why have I never hiked here?" I asked myself!  That question took place when we popped out of the forest and there was C-Level Cirque wam bam hitting you in the face.  It was big & bold & breath-taking! I hooked up with my Thursday friends to hit this hike.  Today's experience was on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Tuesday's adventure.   I thoroughly enjoyed today's short hike that was straight forward.  While on Tuesday I learned lots about the inner me, today I learned lots about the Bankhead area, the forest and what is edible in the forest.  I even did some taste testing.  One of the hikers was very knowledgeable in this area.

I copied this blue section from a website that gives a bit of history of this location.  
"The trail begins its climb through pleasant mountain forests and meadows before reaching the town of Bankhead – we should say, “former town” of Bankhead, where there isn’t much but the remains of the anthracite coal mining operation – buildings from the “C Level operation” — that existed here from 1904 to 1922. The town itself was laid out in the valley below. The coal seam worked here was the highest on the eastern slope of Cascade Mountain."

view of Lake Minniwanka from a lookout point along the trail
 the eastern slopes of Cascade Mountain are wam bam in your face
This is C-Level Cirque!
We carried on up the trail which was gentle and very user-friendly at first.
It then transitioned into a steep & slippery slope. 
We reached a rocky bowl and made this our destination for the day and our dining spot.  I needed to have a destination shot so this is it.  After capturing mine, others wanted the same.   When that business was dealt with, it was time to settle down for lunch.
 my lunch time view
 heading back down once we felt fulfilled from scenery and with lunch
Some day I would like to come back here and head on up higher for grandeur views.  Others did today but they are the seniors who motor and there is no stopping them.  There is no way I can motor like they do.  Who knows maybe this club will turn me into a fast motorer one day!

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  1. Your possiblities are endless and so incredibly beautiful.


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