Saturday, August 17, 2019

Cory Edith Pass August 17, 2019

Today's hike was not about the wildflowers, nor was it about wide open green meadows. It was not about lakes nor creeks nor rivers nor waterfalls.  Our journey was not about long distances nor really big elevation gain.  The Cory & Edith Passes Loop trek encompassed other kinds of descriptions such as rough & rocky, grey & gargoyles, rugged & rooty and charcoal & clouds.  What almost sounds like doom & gloom was in actuality awesomely appealing!   
For the past few hikes the wildflowers were a great distraction while working to accomplish steep ascents.  Today I was distracted by clouds dancing about, in & out, up & down which created an erie look while we climbed and climbed and climbed.  Mountains do exist beyond those trees, believe me.
 They played peek-a-boo and I had to be quick to capture them when they did peek!
We were eleven today and very spread out over a long distance which meant some long waits.  I took advantage of that time to play photographer and to get some destination photos.  It was hot & humid while moving but after stopping and needing to wait, it was time to bundle up in a couple more layers.
 Mount Cory
It was now time to traverse beside & below Mount Edith aiming for Cory Pass.  
You can see two friends making their way along the trail.  
 Getting closer to our high point was when we reached the snow.  
A few of us settled into a spot for lunch where we had a view down into Gargoyle Valley.  
But before I dined,  I got this photo that puts the size of this area into perspective.  
 Parts of today need to be framed.  Here is Mount Louis with a gargoyle in front.  
When I think of "gargoyle" I think of "ornate". 
The description of the frame I picked is called ornate.  
After feeling fueled enough and with lots of time to spare, four of us scampered up to the top where the gargoyles are and this was the view down from up there.
  I will call this my summit shot for the day as it is the highest point I reached.  
(note: this distance and elevation gain is not a part of the digits listed in the  profile)
 After a very lengthy lunch break, it was time to move on down the steep trail.  
some gargoyles above us
 following friends
 Mount Louis & a gargoyle with a window
you can see the faint trail we are aiming for on the bottom right
 hiking down through Gargoyle Valley heading for that trail at bottom left
 along the trail with Mount Louis on the left
 looking back at where we hiked, see that trail on the top left
 exiting Gargoyle Valley
friends scampering down the rocky bouldery section
 near Edith Pass 
We took a big break here as we waited to regroup before attacking the forest. 
We climbed back up again and then back down again through a lush forest with a lovely spongy trail that felt so good for my feet.  I just motored on this easy part to get the job done sooner rather than later.  While waiting for the others to finish, we watched this Mom and her baby hang out and then slowly move about.

Thank you for today!


  1. Today, I watched a slideshow of my friend's hike here a few weeks ago. She had a cloudy day but no snow. That fell on her Sunshine Meadows hike.

    1. That is nice your friend got to do these hikes, but snow for her, UGH!


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