Monday, August 26, 2019

Mount St Piran August 26, 2019

Everything I needed for a hike up to Mount St Piran was sitting at my front door ready for a quick exit from home this morning.  I arrived at the Lake Louise Parking Lot at 7:40am only to be directed to the Upper Lot already but thankfully there were a few spots still available a way off at the far end. "Geesh" I said and then I told myself "Girl you start your gps track running from here and you'll get to add on an additional klick each way. " How true that was!  

It was very pretty here this morning.  It was cold yet it was still which afforded a wonderful reflection shot.  Also notice, the sun is shining right on the summit of Mount St Piran in the upper left corner.  That's my goal, reach that sunny summit!
 Pink means summer!
 Healthy hippies on a stick mean summer!
 This red means _______!
I'm not saying the word!
 rounding away from the boulders onto the next switchback
 I love this view but it's that fluffy puffy white round cloud that grabbed my attention!
I passed two couples who were already on their way down just before I reached the summit.  
So, here I am owning the summit of Mount St Piran.  
 The views from up here always leave me in awe!  
 framing Mount Niblock
It was very cold and windy too, so I settled down in the shelter for my fuel break and a rest.   The shelter gets larger each year.  It has become an apartment style shelter.  I choose the newer constructed side as here I could feel the sun shine on me.
 view over to the adjoining shelter with Fairview and Temple behind it on the left
 peeking up over the wall behind me out towards the Icefield Parkway
 peeking through to Mount Niblock
I spent about 45 minutes on the summit and then relinquished my outright ownership to a couple honeymooning from Colorado.  They were impressed with the scenery and that made me proud to call this playground my home.   I scampered down through the rocky section then reached the switchbacks and made a quick trip of those.   Now off the summit, it warmed up quite a bit which meant time to delayer and snap this last shot.  It was not too bad from Lake Agnes down to Lake Louise, there were lots of people but not as many as I have experienced in the past.
I sat on a bench right at Lake Louise, kicked back, finished my lunch and people watched.  
Today I felt like I could sit there all day but life goes on and I needed to get on with life.

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