Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nose Hill Ever-Changing August 13, 2019

With a few free early morning hours on my hands, I hit The Hill with hopes of capturing erie type photos while being amongst the fog, cloud and light mist.  That's what I saw out my front picture window and also what was being shared on the local news channel.   I dressed for that.  As I drove the very short distance to Nose Hill, I passed through to the other side of that weather.  While still early, it was busy in the Parking Lot, the busiest I have ever seen on a weekday at this hour.  Either they were all here for the same reason as me or they knew a nicer forecast I was not aware of. 

For the close to 3 hours hiking on The Hill, I experienced sweet smells, cheer and color!
I wish I could attach a fragrance along with my photographs.
In a matter of almost a month the whole outlook on Nose Hill has changed.  The wildflowers are still there but they are now a different variety.  The grass has grown, it is greener and the fields are filled with yellow and purple and certain small sections are splattered with white.

There was no mist nor fog.  
There were clouds but they were the white fluffy kind that I love.
I did not expect the wildflowers to still be in season and in such abundance.

After close to two hours of meandering over The Hill and nearing the 9km mark, I heard what I thought was a dog barking but then realized it was the howl of a coyote.  I went up slope and spied this guy.  I noticed others in the area veering away and giving the animal a wide berth.  I met up with the others and we concluded the coyote was probably guarding a den and this was our warning to stay away.  The howl was very crisp & clear & loud, it was relentless and erie.  I wish I could attach a sound here along with my photographs.
I moved on down the path away from the coyote and aimed for my car.  
I had that fulfilled feeling and it was now time to get on with the day and with life's happenings.  
Today's route

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  1. The beauty of the day comes across the miles in your framed daisies!


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