Thursday, August 1, 2019

Helen Lake August 1, 2019

It has been quite some time since I shared a Thursday with my Thursday friends.  It's just a matter of life happening and getting in the way.  Today I joined them for a hike to Helen Lake.  I have been by Helen Lake three times in the past on my way up to Cirque Peak.  I wondered how I would feel today when I would not be going beyond the Lake and seeing Cirque Peak right there in front of me.  Well, when the time came I had no rathers other than being quite content to sit there by Helen Lake for an extended period and enjoy the scenery and the time with my friends.
We had a much later start to our hiking day than I am use to.  I was thrown off a bit with when to eat what and I did not eat what I should have when I should have.  That threw my stomach off but I hiked through it.  By the time we got to Helen Lake I was O.K.  The first portion of the trail through the trees is not exciting and there are no photo opportunities.  Then when it opens up I was ready to keep my camera out.  Seeing the wildflowers in this section early on, I knew we would be in for a treat.
My favourite part of this route is when you turn the corner and then you can see forever directly in front.  That's Cirque Peak right in the middle and Helen Lake is tucked in out of sight just below it.  From here on in the trail is lined with wildflowers and the meadows are carpeted in them.
 a trail of flowers
One friend said she did not believe the flowers were quite at their prime yet.  If this is not prime then whoever comes over the next number of days are going to have an eye exploding experience.  The paintbrushes made a colorful bottom frame for Dolomite Peak.
 my friends capturing seconds in time
We carried on and at one point along the trail we began to pass a couple heading in the opposite direction.  The gentleman thought I looked familiar.  My thinking was we commuted to work on the same bus when I was working or we worked in the same office tower.  When he asked me if I had a blog then I knew he was one of my followers.   It was nice to meet you Mr. Tom H. and I hope you are enjoying your trip here from Vernon.  (UPDATE AUG 2  I believe I just saw you on the local news being interviewed at the parking lot for Lake O'Hara.)  When I meet followers on the trails it motivates me to carry on with my blog knowing my posts are being read.

getting ready to descend to where the creek crossing is
 view of Dolomite Peak from the creek-side
 Helen Lake
 meet Yukon, he is from Banff and out hiking for the day
 my destination shot
We spent 45 minutes at Helen Lake savouring the scenery and our lunch.  We had a time commitment so after the extended visit, we hit the trail back.  I still could not get enough of the beauty and continued to snap shots having different views heading in the opposite direction.
 hippies on a stick and Dolomite Peak
 following my friends
 Dolomite Peak again with flowers getting in the way of my photo
last view just before turning the corner to enter the forest
 the small east section of Bow Lake
when we see this there is not much more ground to cover
 We made it back to the trail head and crosssed the highway to the parking lot to catch our ride.  
I truly enjoy these Thursdays. I always feel spoiled being afforded the opportunity to just sit back and go for the ride in luxury.  With a picture window view plus lots of chat to catch up on lifes happenings, the long drive home passes by quickly.  Thank you for today!


  1. It just had to be a beautiful day, going to Helen Lake!

  2. It was an awesome day and meeting you in person on the trail. The Lake O'hara news thing happened that same morning as we couldn't get a ride on the bus to O'hara so plan B was Helen Lake. Saw the CTV guy and asked him if he was doing an article on O'hara...he said no...I drove here from Calgary to do an article on toilets. I laughed...and said.. What? He told me to look at the sign in the toilet and asked my opinion about be on TV ....I said no at first but then why not. That must have been weird for you to meet me on the trail and see me on TV...LOL. What a day!!!!!


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