Thursday, January 10, 2019

Tramline-Moraine-Fairview Loop X-C Ski January 10, 2019

Again!  Yes again!  It snowed last night!  Again!  That ignited my desire to get out there and X-C Ski for the fourth day in a row.  The plan for today was start with a gentle downhill along the Upper Tramline from the Lake Louise Parking Lot, then ski up Moraine Lake Road to the intersection for Fairview, then follow its ups and downs all the way back to where I began.  So my day began with a beautiful view from where I parked up at Lake Louise.
I walked to my starting point then clipped into my skis, stepped into the track and began the descent just slowly so I could take in the views as I went.

In no time at all I arrived at Moraine Lake Road.  Now was ascending time, which meant time to delayer a layer.  I broke trail in the new snow coming down Tramline but others were before me on Moraine.  


The reports said Fairview was in "Fair" condition.  I did not care, I was going for it, it is my favourite track.  This is the turnoff where you begin the short uphills off and on to get to the meadows.  No one had been since the new snow.  Right from the start it was divine.


I spent quite a bit of time just standing and starring at the beauty and listening to nothing, absolutely nothing could be heard.  If these conditions are called "Fair", any better rating would knock my boots off!



Along the way I looked up to Saddleback Mountain and Fairview Mountain.   I have been on top of both, in fact I summited both in one day this past summer.  It was along here where others came skiing from the other direction.  Small world, they were new friends from a week ago.

I passed through the last open meadow and then made my way into the forest for the last downhill bit of bliss for the day.  This X-C Ski outing was everything I hoped it would be.  
My hope is to improve my skills at this sport and build my confidence.  While I had intentions of X-C Skiing lots this week, I did not plan on four days straight of it.  Surely, this has been beneficial.  I wonder, do I have another day of skiing in me to give!


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