Monday, January 14, 2019

Glenbow Ranch January 14, 2019

I have always been a morning person and I am working at maintaining that status.  Some days are easier than others to get up and get out the door.  When I know there is potential to witness views like this, I can get there.  This morning I joined numerous others out at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park with a task of capturing the early morning light.    
On the drive down that dirt road I noticed a dust storm ahead.  I was not the only one racing to get there for the beginning of the show.   For January it is unusual for there to be no snow.  This area is very dry and the fire rating is at high.

I headed towards the Visitor Center while others walked towards the meadow before Tiger Lily.  
I noticed how sections of the grass took on that burning sunrise hue.  
 The sun peaked through the trees.
 always remember to look back over your shoulder
I took the paved trail down towards Yodel.
As I descended I realized I would be able to see the sun rise again.
along the valley section of Yodel
For the longest time the ground cover took on that burning sunrise shade.  
I arrived at the entrance to the Bow River Trail.  It was a perfect spot for tea time.  
Talk about good timing, a tea time train!
There is easy access to the Bow River so I followed the shoreline instead of the trail.
the sun shining on the tree tops
I completed a portion of the Bow River Loop then headed west along the Glenbow Trail.  I was not ready to call it a day yet so continued on west.  The sun was up, it was warming up, the burning sunrise shades turned to blues & shadows.
I veered off onto Tiger Lily then veered off again to take the shorter steeper stretch back up to the Visitor Center.  The Center was now open but I strolled on by.  Along the way I did notice other sections of the Park were open for exploring so I will be back to see the scenery those areas offer up.
This is the 10 kilometre section I covered today.


  1. I wish I was an early morning person. It is so worth the effort. Instead of lying in bed reading this, I should be off on my morning walk.
    Beautiful images!

  2. Replies
    1. There was no snow on Monday but now we have maybe a quarter of an inch and that came last evening. It's all in the mountains!


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