Saturday, January 5, 2019

Nose Hill Park January 5, 2019

When all was said and done for the day, it was still early enough and bright enough to get two hours in romping the Nose Hill Trails in a different direction than I have been going.  The area still just offers hiking & biking right now so it is an ideal place close to home to quickly spend some energy.
 It was frosty with light fog in the surrounding distance.
My intentions are to invest time working with my camera.
I still don't know half of its capabilities.
 getting down on the ground for the perfect perspective
 I should have stayed on this straight forward dirt trail.....
 .....but I wanted to be where there was more frost so I veered off left and right and up and down and right and over there and then just like that the fog fully encroached on Nose Hill.  Visibility was down to not many meters in all directions.   I was disoriented!  Time was passing!  It was time to get my iPhone out and maps on to assist in getting me pointed in the right direction.
2 hours + 10 kms = 1 glass of red

my route


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