Friday, January 18, 2019

Nose Hill Environmental Park January 18, 2019

I knew I would be in for something up on Nose Hill this morning but I was not expecting what I saw.    I am appreciating Nose Hill Environmental Park more and more as time goes on.  It is becoming the go to place for my regular two to three hour walks instead of meandering through the local neighbourhoods where I feel more like I am on a "neighbourhood watch" rather than enjoying scenery.  Today every single scenery sight where ever I looked was frame worthy.  
It's a Friday, it's a work day, yet I was surprised at how many people were strolling the hills and valleys this morning.  The majority were like me, there to capture the knock your socks off beauty.  I took a trail that would lead me to..... 
 ...what looked like a magical place.
The hoarfrost was in abundance on every little thing.
It multiplied the size of each of those every little things.

I ended up well beyond my intended destination.  That seems typical for me up there these days.  I aimed back but then veered off again because all the pretty just got even prettier.  No one had been up this trail and it beckoned me.
This is what I arrived at when I answered the call.
The beauty carried on!
Time passed, the kilometres covered accumulated, my stomach was growling, my hair was full of frost, my hat was itching my head, it was time to leave the hill and head home.  But, not before investing a few more minutes admiring yet even another incredible sight.

This was today's route.  


  1. You are right, it looks like a magical place. Today I have ran 90 minutes near the sea, a very different scenery.

  2. Your heart must be ready to burst with all this magical beauty.

  3. Wow, those ice covered trees are amazing!


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