Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Bow River & Campground Loops X-C Ski January 9, 2019

It is perfect timing to be landing at Lake Louise.  The festive season crowds have dispersed, the temperature is beginning to climb to a more humane number and light flurries are forecasted to fall on top of the already 110 cms the area received recently.  X-C Ski trails are regularly being groomed and tracked set as was the case with the Bow River Loop and the Campground Loop.  That was my destination for today. It was a 5 minute drive to the where the track starts.

My day began just as the sun was due to arise but it was hidden by the cloud cover.  The wide open view looked dull blue but it was anything but any kind of blue, it was white on white everywhere.  
I went into the Lake Louise Campground looking for the site I stayed at this last summer.  While the shelters and washrooms were obvious, the sites were not.  I did see a big lump of snow off in the trees which I believe was my picnic table.
I took care of securing my ski-stop-shot early on out in the meadow.  
It was so peaceful here this morning, I could only here my breathing and the movement of my skis through the snow.  By the way, all that grooming and track setting yesterday was not obvious.  The new snow took care of that.  It was work at times to push through that.  These are some of the sights along the way.

There are campsites in there somewhere.  What I realized later when I checked the local news, today the system opened for booking sites for the summer season.  
The day started out cold, not as cold as yesterday though.  It warmed up quickly as I was enjoying the loops.  

It was good timing, tea time approached as I was approaching a shelter. I found my way down to the front door.  Some day while skiing here I would like to have a fire in the shelter.  The wood was already there. Someday.... 
It was time to think about completing the loop and aiming for my car. I took a final swish over this bridge and then it was homeward bound.
Back at my home away from home, the late afternoon light looked nice out my window. I imagined the downhillers having an awesome time up on those slopes.  I had an awesome time today and I toasted to it with my feet up, sipping a cold one and savouring the view.

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