Monday, January 28, 2019

Nose Hill Park January 28, 2019

Today's edition of being "out & about" at Nose Hill Environmental Park was with intention of seeking out the most ups & downs.  The ten kilometres I covered this morning would make for a great hill training route.  Not only did I find many hills, I also uncovered & discovered many other intriguing & unusual sights.      

My morning started with a straight forward straight up hill just after sunrise.
                           Come on, 
                        you can do it!

on top of another little hill during alpenglow time
Figure out that shadow!
I veered off in a direction where I wondered what was up there!
This is what I found!
I found this too!

I shuffled down another steep hill to a ravine and to where I could watch the sun rise!
                                  O.K. now let's get up out of here!
                             Come on, you can do it!

Once back up on top out of the revine, I dipped back down again and then back up again.  I saw a fenced off area and I was curious as to what that was all about.  I walked around the fence where there were three "Government of Canada" signs, the area was filled with the usual brush & twigs expect for one lone green bush. 

After a few more ups & downs, I passed by this on one of the downs.  
There are numerous structures similar to this through out Nose Hill Park.

As I was descending off yet another hill, I saw a fellow up ahead eyeing something.  He kept eyeing that something and then looking back at me, eyeing that something then looking back at me, eyeing that something then looking back at me.  As I got closer I saw what he was eyeing then I eyed it too. We chatted about what we were now eyeing together.  It appears the coyote was having a nap in the morning sun and was just waking up.  It yawned a few times, then got up and stretched and even did some downward dog poses, then yawned again a few times before going on its way.   Then we went on our way in the opposite direction of the coyote.

I found a few more ups & downs and one down was down enough that at the bottom it was like I got to see the sun rise yet again.  The lighting was so pretty up on Nose Hill this morning.  On the west side of the park the ground was lightly covered in the snow that fell yesterday.
a swarm above me of what ever
I looked back as I was leaving the west side and heading back east.  
There you have those clouds that look like rays shooting out of the hill top.
I covered numerous more ups & downs on my way back to where I began the morning.  Now it was more like business to get back there, veering off here and there to make sure I hit the ten kilometre mark as I was not leaving the hill until I accomplished that.  I did it and this is today's route.

Just another marvelous Monday morning!


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