Friday, January 11, 2019

Lake Louise & Marble Canyon Photography January 11, 2019

I woke very early this morning with full intentions of venturing on another X-C Ski outing.  I got all my gear in place and then sat down to pass a few minutes while waiting for go time.  During those few minutes my whole outlook on the day shifted.  I got lazy and decided for an easy photography day instead.  Things happen for a reason and when I arrived at Lake Louise to capture typical scenery shots, that reason became quite obvious!  Lake Louise took on a look I never saw before.  The photos will tell today's story! 

arriving at Lake Louise as the sun rises
then fog rolled in
then the fog cleared and a cloud rolled down
then the fog came back as mountain tips turned pink
fog all moved to the right
then over took the place again
and rolled all the way in covering the entire area
I took shelter in the Castle!
I headed over to the ski/snowshoe rental hut because it was a bit clearer here.
The Ice Bar!
Instead of baileys on ice it was fog on ice!
No presentations today! 
By the time I made it back to the head of Lake Louise, it was clearing up nicely.  
It was time for me to move on down the road, down the road from the Lake to the Village, out the road to the highway, taking the highway east and then south on 93 to see Marble Canyon in the winter time.  I was nervous about driving the 93 but there was no traffic, the highway turned out being fine.  I arrived at Marble Canyon and went on my way wandering about.   It was dismal at first and I wished for blue sky.
Watch what you wish for! Just like that the clouds began to clear.  
I could see the trail below and the bridge across the canyon.
along the trail
I wandered around with a tourist couple and we offered to take each others photos.
We watched the ice climbers from the vantage point of the bridge.
When I turned my camera to take a portrait encompassing the climber, the canyon, the forest and the sky, I spied two red dots in the center of the snow covered trees off in the distance.  I realized the red dots were two of those red chairs.  I made my way over there and the others followed me.

life is rough
snow settled along the canyon wall

I completed the walk around Marble Canyon and took a detour down to the river on the way back to my car.  I wish the walk here was longer.  It was so beautiful, I could have handled more.  But it became time to move on and get off the 93 before traffic gets heavy.
The drive was so pretty and got even prettier the closer I got to Banff.  I had to take in more of this so drove down to Vermilion Lakes where I was just a few weeks ago.  The Lake still is not fully frozen.  
The sun was warm and as you can see there was only a slight breeze.  I settled on the bench for some tea and my sandwich.  I thought what an incredible day this is.  What transpired today was meant to be, I am glad I did not ski.  

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