Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Squeezed It In

I raced home from work so I could get out and run before the sun went down! I found a new place to run! I wanted to try some place different to see what would show up on my 305 when I downloaded the information. This is where I was! I did some back and forth trying to reach 5km while it was light but I only made it this far:

Distance: 4.41
Time: 28:46
Pace: 6:32

I found a baby forest! Yes, a baby forest! This area was covered in new little trees with tags hanging from them. I remember an announcement was made that anyone who had a baby born in 2007 could come to this location and plant a tree for their baby. (I think the year was 2007). I got to run on a dirt road that was clear of ice and with only a few folks walking dogs off in the distance. I know coyotes can frequent the area so I was a tad nervous!

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  1. Our town had a baby forest, too, we got to plant a tree for each of our boys when they turned 5 - they waited til the kids were big enough to come along and participate in the planting. It was fun!


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