Saturday, January 24, 2009

In Search of Rummel Lake

I know from experience, that you just go anyway and then take it from there, once you get there! What I am talking about would be weather conditions! We had a gorgeous day of sunshine and -18 degrees C with not even a breeze! The forecast was for cold so a few others opted out at the last minute but six of us went anyway, in search of Rummel Lake!

One of the others had a Garmin Legend to point us in the right direction. As we followed direction, we took a few minutes to stop, turn around and this is what was behind us! We made significant enough climb that we could see the Spray Lake over the young forest.

This wasn't a marked trail, but we could see a resemblance of a trail made by others who would have ventured this way a week or so ago. I checked my 60CSX for elevation and distance and timing while the Legend owner didn't bother checking for direction for quite some time, then only to realize we were off track. That added some extra distance which was fine because the scenery was amazing.

Here I am at a rest break! If you click on the photo, my hair will tell you conditions were on the frosty side. The proper attire lets you enjoy the conditions without feeling them! A close to the skin Patagonia polyester No. 2 shirt, a tightly woven Eddie Bauer fleece and a Marmot windbreaker moisture wicking membrane jacket did the trick for me today! This is the Lake, yes there is a Lake there, Rummel Lake! 5.6 kms later at an elevation of 2230 we arrived at the Lake and choose this as our dining spot. We stayed on the west side away from avalanche area and in a nook that still was catching the sun's rays. Lunch was quick, time enough for a hot drink, a sandwich, a few photos and of course, a two bit brownie. The surrounding mountain range looked so pretty covered with snow and reflections. We took lots of detours on the way down! Detours = fun! Detours = deep soft snow! Detours = quicker trips! Although some of the trips were over our own snowshoes leading to face plants and such. I'm still learning the knack to getting back up on my feet. It's not easy when you fall forward or sideways into a couple feet of snow, with snowshoes on and a big backpack strapped on.

After bushwacking and tonnes of fun, we came out onto the Smith Dorien, further down the road from where we were parked and where the route started. The Legend was a bit off, but a bit off just means more fun!
All in all, we did 10.4 km in 3:58 with a total ascent of 491 meters. I wonder what kind of a run that would be equal to! I think I will leave my boots attached to my snowshoes at my front door. I can hardly wait to head out again!


  1. Thanks for the write up. The pictures as as always stunning.


  2. Love the haird with snow and ice! LOL

    Looks like so much fun!

  3. Great pics of a great trek. That sounds like quite a workout. You are looking good, A, frozen hair and all.


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