Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snowshoeing was Heavenly

We even saw an angel! When I was "really young", my Mom use to call me her little angel. Now that I am all grown up, I can still be a little angel when I want to be! Finding time to be a kid at heart keeps me "really young" in spirit! Third time's the charm! Finally after two failed attempts, I got out snowshoeing! Nothing was going to hold me back, not even the forecasted day's temperature! Today's destination for the ten of us was Rawson Lake. We passed by the Upper Kananaskis Lake on the way and if you look closely or click on the photo you will see the ice fishing hut on the lake.
It took about 90 minutes to get up to Rawson Lake. We were the first folks on the trail today but good thing the trail was packed with only a bit of new snow so no trail blazing was needed. This was quite a sludge on it's own, just going up hill, so I think I earned the right to call today a cross-training activity! I hiked to Rawson Lake in August and here is a then and now comparison.
We stopped to dine once we reached our destination. We found a nice spot to stand, socialize and try and eat what was not frozen. I checked my thermometer and the mercury had disappeared so that told me it was below -30 C. As long as we were moving we were fine, but once we stopped for lunch it didn't take long to get cold, so our reservation on the Lake Side lasted a mere 30 minutes.
The trip back down went very quickly as we could see sunshine through the tall trees and it was calling us. We migrated towards it and it happened to be on the far end of the Upper Kananaskis Lake. Upon arrival time, we played and basked before the sun set behind the mountain telling us it was time to move on!
Then it was off to the information center to sit on the sofas by the fireplace, share well deserved treats and recap our day! I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home, but you know what, I love when it's the fresh air, the exercise, the great people and the fun time that exhausts me!


  1. Awesome. I love reading your reports.

  2. Great shots! I was out at Kananaskis Lake a few weeks back and the winter coming off the ice was something else!!

  3. Looks so lovely! Happy new year :)


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