Thursday, January 1, 2009

...hello 2009!

Here we are again, another Thursday! You know what that means! It's Runners' Lounge Take It and Run Thursday with this weeks theme being "your favourite blog post from 2008!" I have this to share!

In a year where my New Year’s Resolution was to run two half marathons (a spring half and an autumn half), I took a big chance in running my second half only three weeks after my first. This second half marathon was one of my best race experiences ever. I had that feeling even at the half way point in the race. On the drive home from the race, I passed the time by visualizing how my blog post might read and also thinking about when my next race could be. At this point I began to wonder what are the possibilities! Oh Dear, I have opened a can of worms! Once I put my post in print and shared it with the world, I realized I needed to "walk the talk" well, I mean "run the talk". I went on to complete six half marathons in six months. This running experience gave me the confidence to realize possibilities in other aspects of my life too. For this reason, my favourite blog post of 2008 has to be "Red Deer...Oh Dear!"

On a "take it and run Thursday" I’ve got to grab a tight hold onto this new found confidence and "take it and run"!


  1. Happy New year! I look forward to following your blog this year.

    Hope you like the book.

  2. Wow, six half-marathons in six months? Way to go!

  3. Alexandra, Happy New Year - I hope that all your aspirations will be fulfilled in 2009! If you stay as upbeat and positive as on your blog, (more) good things will happen. Glad to hear you are enjoying the Garmin, I can barely run without mine.


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