Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Home Run!

I mean A Run Home! I needed to find something that works when it comes to mid-week running after work at this time of year. By George, I think I found it! Due to there being so much ice on the sidewalks in neighbourhoods, I need to run while it's light so I can see the ice to skip around it. I wasn't getting home early enough to get a good quality run in before dusk. Today I got one of those great runs in! I ran home from work! Well, to my car where I park and ride which is almost home. I took all my gear to work and I have a nice little pack for around my waist to carry essentials in to run home. I took the essentials (keys, money, ID, visa, cell phone, emergency transit ticket and of course, lip gloss) home and left everything else in my desk. That stuff will come home tomorrow. I am so happy this worked out and here is what I have to show for my great idea:

Time 56:53
Distance 8.26 km
Pace 6:51 min/km

I started my 305 at Eau Claire, so that was after almost a km of running to get there. The slower than usual average pace takes into consideration the 167 stairs I walked up to get out of Prince's Island and the numerous places where folks did not clear the ice from their sidewalks. As I get stronger and as the ice melts, my hope is the pace will quicken and the time will decrease. For now, I am tickled pink with how this turned out!


  1. The beauty of running is that it can fit in with our lifestyle. Well done for working it round yours! I constantly hear people say "I don't have time for exercise" The truth is that they just aren't using their heads to work out how to fit it in!

  2. Way to be creative about fitting your running into your life!

  3. That is an awesome way to fit running into your schedule! I ran home from work a few times last year to get my long runs in (it was about 25k) and I loved it.

  4. That sounds like a great idea! Good job on the run home!


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