Friday, January 9, 2009

Favourite Way to Cross-Train

These days I am having more fun cross-training then actual training and that has been taking priority! We can snowshoe for only a few months of the year whereas we can run year round! Chester Lake is where we ended up today. This is the meadow we reached after a steady climb for close to two hours on our way to the Lake. You can't get lost with all the little red snowshoe signs marking the trail. We carried on past the Lake up to the Elephant Rocks which added a little more elevation bringing us to about 2211 meters. I am still getting use to my new Garmin 60CSX so I don't have all the details.

What a difference five months makes! I consider myself fortunate to live in a place where the difference in seasons is extreme. With all the snow, this time around we were able to easily maneuver our way up onto the elephant rocks to a great dining spot. The temperature was -5 C which made for a pleasant time sitting in the snow munching away. My two bite brownie never tasted so good and this is me on the way down with a full belly and re-energized to play in the snow.
The Rocky Mountains are not called a playground for nothing! With an amazing abundance of new fresh soft snow, we couldn't help ourselves from making the most of it and letting our inner child get the best of us.
We cross-trained for four hours today then cancelled it all out by heading to the Pub in Canmore for beer and pub food! Now how great of a day is that! I can hardly wait to do it all over again!


  1. Looking good, Andra! How beautiful and FUN!! I soooo need to travel to your neck of the woods someday. Even better if I could time it when the Rangers are in town against the Flames.

  2. I love how you enjoy the outdoors! Maybe having such extremes makes you appreciate them more??


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