Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Was So Wrong!

How could I be? How could I be so right on Saturday and then come Sunday be so wrong! Yesterday I was right on the mark in choosing the proper clothing for the weather conditions. For this morning's run, I was dressed for -20C when in fact, it was -26C and -30C with a windchill. By the time I reached CBC the board said -26c! At the 3km point, I was considering calling it a day and returning. My cheeks were already stinging as were the fronts of my legs. When I turned around, the wind was at my back and gave reprieve to my front. It felt better as I went on and as the sun came up! Yes, as the sun came up! I'm not sure what my issue was this morning but I ended up down by the river long before sunrise, I couldn't even see my garmin screen to be sure I had it set properly. I finished my run as most others were just heading out! I was able to turn the almost only 3km into a respectable run of:

Time: 1:10:37
Distance: 10:68
Pace: 6:36 min/km


  1. A run is a run - they all count! :)

  2. Way to get it done in the cold. Nice job.

  3. brr i'm tired of these super duper windy cold runs

  4. I really can't imagine running or being outside in such severe cold, wow. We are living in two extremely different parts of the continent; it is almost 70F here (early) this morning on Tue!

    Be careful out there!

  5. Good for you! It is just crazy cold everywhere right now!


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