Saturday, August 23, 2008

Working It Out !

Lots of time to think, plan, organize!
Today's Run
18 km
to Shouldice and return
+8 Degrees to start +21 Degrees at finish
slight breeze and sunny
Today's run felt great from the beginnng all the way through to the end! Thank you for that! I first looked at my watch at 32 minutes and the minutes seemed to quickly pass as did the miles. Thank you for that too! It was my longest run since the half on July 6th and afforded me lots of time to work things out.
I know what I will bring for lunch hiking tomorrow and that I better not forget those delicious Two Bite Brownies. I know too, what I will ode to the Olympics! Murrietta's will be a nice place for lunch when relatives pass through Calgary on September 25th. I will need to leave Calgary at 6:45 to get to Canmore an hour before the race starts to allow myself enough time so I am not needlessly racing around before I need to race around. I would like to do a winery tour when I am in Kelowna. I want to figure out how to add a list to the side of the blogs that I read. I figured all those things out, but I could not figure out who the lady was that was doing a distance measure for tomorrow's Robert Hamilton race, she looked so familiar!
Got my weekend run in now bring on the hike!


  1. For a moment there your temperature references threw me until I realized it was Celsius scale. Low 70's F sounds pretty good for us Texans though! I love seeing the pics with snow, mountains, etc. Very little of that down here on the Gulf Coast.

  2. Your photos are just gorgeous!
    You have such an active lifestyle!!

    A trip to finish your cross-stitch sounds very tempting!

    Have a great day sun is shining brightly here today.

  3. I love those runs where you work all those things out in your head.

    By the way, the woman marking the course for the RHM race was Karen C. You can find her on my blog rolls ("All Downhill from here".) She was the Race Director for it this year.


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