Thursday, August 7, 2008

No Work, All Play!

Oh how I love not working on a beautiful day! I could so get use to this but I realize this is not a reality for me at this point in my life!

Today’s Ride

My bike ride had a real purpose today. I needed to bring it in for a tune up. My plan was to ride for a few hours then drop if off.

I left home at 9:30 am. I was a little nervous, as I knew all the biker commuters were already sitting at their desks at work and the pathway would be quiet. I never use to feel this way, but it’s a new world and my nerves let me know they exist.

Just like my last ride, the people population count was low on the long path out, but picked up the closer in I got. About ½ km from the Zoo, I saw a uniformed lady walking and gawking with what looked like a purpose. As I approached her I saw her badge, it read "Calgary Zoo". My imagination started to swirl! I wondered what animal got loose that she needed to capture. I will check the news tonight to see if any zoo residents had some freedom today.

Just past the Zoo near the SE part of the city, HAWKS was hoovering and hoovering and hoovering! Geesh! Are they looking for a loose animal too? I didn’t know whether to feel safe or scared! A short distance down the path I came upon a ruckus. Three big burly city’s finest just tackled a fellow to the ground. Maybe HAWKS was part of this! I didn’t care about speed rules, I put my gears in fast mode and peddled out of there like there was no tomorrow! UGH! So many less fortunates, down and outs, less desirables and unsavories. I have never seen them in such high numbers!

After all this excitement, things were rather uneventful from here on it. I made my way to Shouldice to check out the car pool site for Saturday’s event. Four hours after leaving home, I arrived at Kensington to drop off my bike. Then hopped Transit for a ride as close to home as I could get then walked from there.

I am without my bike until Tuesday at 5:00 pm but that is O.K. I have lots of other plans of running and hiking to keep me out of trouble!

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