Friday, August 1, 2008

This & That

Weekend Wishes!

I emailed my sister today! She lives just outside the city, has a busy life of her own, we keep in touch by email, it works for both of us. In today’s email to wish her a nice long weekend, I asked her if she was golfing golfing golfing and I told her I was running hiking biking. Her reply was "Don’t wear your ipod when you run, take your bear spray, watch for dangerous drivers, there’s crazy stuff happening out there these days! " What ever happened to just plain old "Have Fun!" Her reply caught me off guard a little. She IS my big sister and I guess no matter how old we are, she will always behave in a big sisterly way!

Thank you for watching out for me!

Part of Something Great!

How exciting for Calgary! In some ways I think ugh Calgary is becoming so big! In this case this is a good thing! We are now considered prime territory for a world class ironman event! Ironman 70.3 is coming to Calgary! I want to be a part of it! Not as a participant but as a volunteer!

I have entered my name to be a part of making this a great experience!

Technician but not of the Mechanical Type!

I bought another toy for my bike! It’s a Trek Incite 8i wireless computer! After an hour last evening and an hour the evening before, I still don’t have that dang thing up and running. I usually hate to read directions on how to do something so was glad to see the instructions for this gadget were by way of pictures. Geesh! I can’t make out what the pictures are! I used the zoom feature on our photocopier at work to blow up the pictures and that was no help. I went online to find a user’s manual. It helps a bit. I have the computer settings set and have it mounted on the handle bar but I still can’t figure out how to attach the magnet and the sensor! I’m a technician, but of the oil and gas type and that doesn’t help me here unless I have to grease the thing!

I will have a go at it again this evening!

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